Navajo City, New Mexico

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Coordinates: 36°45′06″N 107°35′59″W / 36.75167°N 107.59972°W / 36.75167; -107.59972 Navajo City is an unincorporated community in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, United States, just north and east, of the Navajo Nation in the northwestern part of the state. Housing for workers Was set up during the construction of Navajo Dam in the early 1960s at the junction of the Los Pinos and the San Juan Rivers. At the intersection of U.S. Route 64 and New Mexico State Road 539 the settlement is on the south side of Martinez Mesa to the south of the lake. Today there is little left and economic activity has shifted to the Community of Navajo Dam, in San Juan County. Located below the dam a few miles down the valley, through the state park and its world class trout fishing areas and access points. There are several outfitters, fly shops, and cafes The main event is Abe's offering gasoline, snacks, supplies, guides, boat rentals, motel rooms, campsites, and more.



Navajos had settled in this area as early as 1630.[1] The Hubbell family had a trading post here between 1880 and 1882.[2]


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