Naval Operations Branch

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Naval Operations Branch
Active 1968–present
Country Canada
Branch Canadian Armed Forces
Type Personnel branch
Role Sea-going trades of the Canadian Armed Forces
March "Heart of Oak"

The Naval Operations Branch (French: Branche des opérations navales) is a personnel branch of the Canadian Forces. The branch consists of most of the seagoing occupations and trades of the Royal Canadian Navy.


Naval Officers Training Centre (NOTC)[edit]

HMCS Venture, the Naval Officers Training Centre (NOTC), is located at Work Point in CFB Esquimalt, in Esquimalt, British Columbia. The role of the NOTC is to encompass all aspects of junior naval officer training and development.[1]

Order of precedence[edit]

Preceded by
First in precedence of personnel branches
Naval Operations Branch Succeeded by
Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
Army elements of
Royal Military College of Canada
(see note below)

Note: When parading with their guns, the honour of "The Right of the Line" (precedence over other Army units) is held by the units of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery; otherwise, the Naval Operations Branch is succeeded immediately by formed bodies of Officer Cadets of the Royal Military College of Canada representing their college.