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Maemo Leste 16.png
Developer(s) Michael Farmbauer, Martin Schaller, Alexander Atanasov, Pierre Grandin and others
Initial release 21 November 2005 (2005-11-21)[1]
Preview release
0.5.3 / 31 August 2018; 19 days ago (2018-08-31)
Written in C, C++
Available in 39 languages[2]
Type Satellite navigation
License GNU General Public License

Navit is a free and open-source, modular, touch screen friendly, car navigation system with GPS tracking, realtime routing engine and support for various vector map formats. It features both a 2D and 3D view of map data.[3]

Navit supports a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms including Windows,[4] Windows CE, Linux, macOS,[5] Android,[6] iPhone,[7][8] and Palm webOS.[9] The Win CE version can run on a GPS device like tomtom or cartrek.

Navit can be used with several sources of map data, notably OpenStreetMap and Garmin maps.[10]

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