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Nenad Pagonis
Born (1987-07-28) July 28, 1987 (age 32)
Novi Sad, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia
Other namesGreek, Tenshinhan, The Tulip
Height1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)
Weight93.9 kg (207 lb; 14.79 st)
Light Heavyweight
Reach76.0 in (193 cm)
StyleMuay Thai
Fighting out ofAmsterdam, Netherlands
TeamMike's Gym (2010-present)
Pagonis Team (2009-present)
Ronin Gym (up to 2009)[1]
TrainerMike Passenier (Mike's Gym)
Milos Milutinov (Pagonis Team)
Professional boxing record
By knockout6
By knockout1
Kickboxing record
By knockout4
By knockout2
Amateur kickboxing record
By knockout34
Other information
Boxing record from BoxRec
last updated on: November 23, 2013

Nenad Pagonis (born 28 July 1987 in Serbia) is a Serbian heavyweight-cruiserweight Muay Thai kickboxer as of 2013 fighting out of Mike's Gym in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Team Pagonis in Novi Sad, Serbia.[2][3] In 2010 he became W.A.K.O. Pro world champion (K-1 rules). He won a number of world and European titles at amateur level.

Biography and career[edit]

Pagonis is of Greek paternal descent. In 2006, at the age of 19, he won a gold medal at the yearly Balkan Bames, and won gold at the W.A.K.O. European championships held in Macedonia. From 2007 to 2009 he won two world championships, two world cups and a further Balkans championship.

In 2010 Pagonis became professional, and won the W.A.K.O Pro world title against reigning champion Antonio Sousa, winning by a third round stoppage victory in Milan Sousa was knocked down three times before the referee stopped the fight. Pagonis then joined Mike's Gym in the Netherlands where he trained with fighters including Badr Hari and Melvin Manhoef. Pagonis has now won a world title 8 times (4 amateur titles, 4 professional title) and has won 3 European titles.[4] Pagonis also appeared on It's Showtime in Athens in 2010, where he defeated Rustemi Kreshnik by decision, allowing him to challenge the reigning It's Showtime 95MAX champion Danyo Ilunga the following year.

A planned fight on December 9, 2012 under the newly formed Serbian "Supreme Fighting Championship" organisation did not take place after Pagonis was injured.

He lost to Artem Vakhitov by unanimous decision on the Glory 12: New York undercard in New York City on November 23, but that decision was questionable.[5][6][7][8]

Beside his professional boxing career, he is the founder and the lead vocalist of the Serbian rock band Black Peacock (due to legal issues, the band changed its name to Black Peacock from Jurassic Rock, from his last name, which means peacock in Greek). Pagonis performs with the band manly covers of acclaimed songs by AC/DC, Deep Purple, Eagles and Judas Priest at various festivals around the Vojvodina region and Novi Sad, including the humanitarian Atina and Oktobar fest.[9] Other than that, his music career includes the participation in the fourth season of the Serbian version of Your Face Sounds Familiar. In exact order, he imitated: Luis Fonsi (10th place), Axl Rose of Guns'N'Roses (3rd place), Šaban Šaulić (3rd place), Jelena Karleuša (6th place), Marc Anthony (1st place), Harry Styles (8th place), Robbie Williams (8th place), Conchita Wurst (10th place), Lenny Kravitz (9th place), Đorđe Balašević (10th place) and Brian Johnson of AC/DC (2nd place).[10] In the final, he claimed 8th place out of 10.



  • 2014 W.A.K.O. Pro World Low Kick Rules Heavyweight champion -88.61 kg
  • 2013 W.A.K.O. Pro cruiser heavyweight world champion -94.1 kg (Low Kick Rules)
  • 2012 Wins WAKO Pro World Grand Prix 2011 championship (As member of Serbian national team)
  • 2012 W.K.B.F. K-1 Rules International Super heavyweight Championship +95 kg[11]
  • 2010 W.A.K.O. Pro heavyweight world champion -88.6 kg (K-1 Rules)


  • 2015 W.A.K.O. World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia Gold −91 kg (K-1 rules)
  • 2014 W.A.K.O. European Championships in Bilbao, Spain Silver −91 kg (Low-Kick rules)[12]
  • 2013 W.A.K.O. World Championships in Guaruja, Brasil Gold −91 kg (Low-Kick rules)
  • 2012 W.A.K.O. European Championships in Ankara, Turkey Gold −91 kg (Low-Kick rules)
  • 2011 W.A.K.O. World Championships in Skopje, Macedonia Gold -91 kg (K-1 Rules)
  • 2010 Serbia Open Cup Champion -86 kg (K-1 Rules)
  • 2009 W.A.K.O. World Championships in Villach, Austria Gold -86 kg (K-1 Rules)
  • 2009 W.A.K.O. World Cup in Szeged, Hungary Gold -86 kg (K-1 Rules)[13]
  • 2008 W.A.K.O. European Championships in Oporto, Portugal Silver −86 kg (K-1 rules)
  • 2008 W.A.K.O. Balkans Championships in Ohrid, Macedonia Gold -86 kg (K-1 Rules)[14]
  • 2008 W.A.K.O. World Cup in Szeged, Hungary Gold -86 kg (K-1 Rules)[15]
  • 2007 W.A.K.O. World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia Gold -81 kg (Low-Kick)
  • 2007 W.A.K.O. World Cup in Szeged, Hungary Gold -81 kg (Low-Kick)[16]
  • 2006 W.A.K.O. European Championships in Skopje, Macedonia Gold -81 kg (Low-Kick)
  • 2006 W.A.K.O. Balkans Championships in Burgas, Bulgaria Gold -81 kg (Low-Kick)[17]

Boxing record[edit]

8 Wins (6 knockouts, 2 decisions), 0 Losses, 0 Draws
Res. Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
Loss 8-1 Germany Nikola Milacic TKO 3 (12), 1:22 2018-03-24 Serbia Small hall SPENS Novi Sad
Win 8-0 Georgia (country) Davit Gorgiladze TKO 1, 3:00 2017-12-23 Germany Boxhalle Marzahn Berlin
Win 7-0 Germany Bjorn Blaschke TKO 5, 3:00 2017-10-28 Germany Federbachhalle Malsch, Karlsruhe
Win 6-0 Germany Muhammed Ali Durmaz KO 1, 3:00 2017-09-30 Germany Sport and Congress Center Schwerin
Win 5-0 Romania Giulian Ilie PTS 8, 3:00 2017-03-04 Germany Camp 1, Berlin
Win 4-0 Czech Republic Vladimir Reznicek SD 8, 3:00 2016-11-26 Germany Boxcamp P1, Hellersdorf, Berlin
Win 3-0 Turkey Ata Dogan RTD 4 (6), 3:00 2016-08-27 Germany Huxleys, Kreuzberg, Berlin
Win 2-0 Czech Republic Robert Cervenak TKO 1 (6), 1:58 2016-05-13 Germany Camp 1, Berlin
Win 1-0 Hungary George Ubah KO 4 (6), 1:05 2016-01-09 Germany Maritim Hotel, Tiergarten, Berlin Professional debut.

Kickboxing record[edit]

Professional kickboxing record
Amateur kickboxing record

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