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New Talent Singing Awards Calgary Audition (Chinese: 新秀歌唱大賽卡加利選拔賽), or NTSA Calgary for short, is an annual singing contest organized by Fairchild Television and Fairchild Radio 94.7 FM in Alberta. It selects the Calgary candidate for the New Talent Singing Awards International Finals held in Hong Kong.

Alberta Audition to Calgary Contest to Calgary Audition[edit]

The contest was first established as New Talent Singing Awards Alberta Audition (Chinese: 新秀歌唱大賽亞省選拔賽) in 1996. The contest included contestants from both Edmonton and Calgary. However, since 2005, the contest was renamed to Calgary New Talent Singing Awards (Chinese: 卡加利新秀歌唱大賽), as FM 94.7 is based in Calgary. In 2009, the name changed again to its current one to match its Vancouver and Toronto counterparts.

Past Winners (1996-2004)[edit]

Year English Name Chinese Name City Represented
1996 ??? ??? ???
1997 ??? ??? ???
1998 ??? ??? ???
1999 Suk-Gwan Chan 陳淑君 Calgary
1999 Amy Lin 林青蓉 Edmonton
2000 ??? ??? Calgary
2001 Becky Lee 李君衍 ???
2002 Beverly Shih 史竹君 Calgary
2003 Ronald Cheng 鄭卓恆 Calgary
2004 Anita Tong 唐可欣 Calgary

Past winners and other titleholders (2005-2013)[edit]

Year Winner First Runner-Up Second Runner-Up
2005 張嘉妮 李珮欣 李俊賢
2006 董浚銘 李 想 ???
2007 陳寶儀 吳 萌 張伯倫
2008 陸 晶 何念如 黃子毅
2009 孔 昕 王杰飛 李 珦
2010 蔡國強 莫彥琛 馬靝穎
2011 黃藝舟 林俊傑 劉耀寧
2012 高于婷 吳韋志 林良諺
2013 廖翊帷 黃箴祺 何敏寧

Calgary success in NTSA International[edit]

  • Jing Lu 陸晶: NTSA International 2008 Top 4 finalist
  • Danny Choi 蔡國強: NTSA International 2010 Top 7 復活戰士 finalist
  • Angel Huang 黃箴祺: NTSA International 2014 Silver Award

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Special Performing Guests[edit]

Faichild TV would sometimes hire Asian singers or local artists to be the Special Guest(s) performing in the finals.

  • 2007 Enrico Kwong 鄺祖德
  • 2008 Vincy Chan 泳兒
  • 2009 Det Tik, JJ Jia 狄易達, 賈曉晨
  • 2010 王子, 小傑
  • 2011 Jonathan Wong 王梓軒
  • 2012 Pakho Chau周柏豪
  • 2013 Shine

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