Joyce Tang

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Joyce Tang
Chinese name 滕麗名 (traditional)
Chinese name 滕丽名 (simplified)
Pinyin Téng Lìmíng (Mandarin)
Yale Tàhng Laih-mìhng (Cantonese)
Born (1976-01-20) 20 January 1976 (age 41)
Occupation Actress
Spouse(s) Matthew Chu (m. 2013)
Ancestry Shanghai

Joyce Tang Lai-ming (simplified Chinese: 滕丽名; traditional Chinese: 滕麗名, born 20 January 1976 in Hong Kong) is an actress of Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). She entered the show business via the New Talent Singing Awards in 1995. She is better known to viewers as a tough woman mostly due to her characters in dramas, particularly her role as “Chan Sam Yun” in Armed Reaction

In 2008, she starred in War of In-Laws II as Coco Ko, along with co-star Derek Kok.

Personal life[edit]

Joyce started dating Marco Ngai when they first starred in Armed Reaction in 1998.[1] The couple separated in 2008.[2]

On December 7 2013 Joyce married Matthew Chu, a Canon executive, in Thailand.[3]


TV series[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
1995 A Kindred Spirit Leung Bing Suet
1996 Mutual Affection A Hung Guest star
Money Just Can't Buy Sam Ga Man (Carman)
1997 Old Time Buddy A Jan
Triumph Over Evil Long Jing Jing
1998 Armed Reaction Chan Sam Yuen
Old Time Buddy: To Catch A Thief Lina
As Sure As Fate Mou Yung Fei
1999 Detective Investigation Files IV Wan Chau Yuet
The Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain 1999 Nip Song Ching
2000 A Matter of Customs Elsa
Armed Reaction II Chan Sam Yuen
2001 The Heaven Sword & the Dragon Sabre 2000 Yeung Bat Fui / Gei Hiu Fu
A Taste of Love So Mei
A Step into the Past Sin Yau
Armed Reaction III Chan Sam Yuen
2002 Invisible Journey Ching Si Man
2003 Witness to a Prosecution II Yong Tan Fong
The Driving Power Hung Niem
Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love Ding Ga Ga (Christine)
2004 Summer Heat Sui Ning Warehoused and broadcast in 2006
Armed Reaction IV Chan Sam Yuen
2005 The Prince's Shadow Empress Gai
Women on the Run Ma Siu Bo (BoBo) Nominated - TVB Award for Best Actress
2006 Below the Lion Rock 2006
Placebo Cure Ying Ling San
2008 Wars of In-Laws II Ko Ka Bo (Coco) Nominated - TVB Award for Best Supporting Actress (Top 10)
Wasabi Mon Amour Tam Bo Bo
The Money-Maker Recipe Gu Ka Jun
2009 The King of Snooker Chin To To (Toni)
Just Love II Ho Sau Sau Nominated - TVB Award for Best Supporting Actress (Top 15)
2010 Sisters of Pearl So Lai-Sheung
Beauty Knows No Pain Yu Man-yau Nominated - TVB Award for My Favourite Female Character (Top 15)
2011 Ghetto Justice Tai Ng-ting Nominated — TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actress (Top 15)
2011-2012 Til Love Do Us Lie Kan Yik Dan (Mabel)
2012 L'Escargot Lee Man-wah
2013 Awfully Lawful Tina
2014 Queen Divas Kwok Fei-fei
2014 ICAC Investigators 2014 Cheung Man Fung
2015 My "Spiritual" Ex-Lover Ying Chun-Fa
2016 Presumed Accidents Jessie Hui Kit-ying
House of Spirits Po Yan
2017 Come Home Love: Lo and Behold Hong Seung Tsin


Year Title Notes
2016 Spirits On Vacation
2017 Bazaar Carnivals


  • Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Award 2004 (Malaysia)
  • Favourite character (1 of 10): Chan Sam Yun (Armed Reaction IV)
  • Favourite children's song awards


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