Faust (ballet)

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Choreographer Jules Perrot
Music Giacomo Panizza
Sir Michael Andrew Costa
Niccolò Bajetti
Premiere 12 February 1848
Milan, Italy
Original ballet company Ballet of the Teatro alla Scala
Characters Marguerite
Bambo, Queen of the Demons
Genre Classical ballet
Type Fantastic ballet

Faust is a ballet in three acts and seven scenes, with choreography and libretto by Jules Perrot and music by Giacomo Panizza, Michael Andrew Costa, and Niccolò Bajetti, first presented by the Ballet of the Teatro alla Scala on 12 February 1848 in Milan, with Fanny Elssler (as Marguerite), Jules Perrot (as Mephistophelis), Effisio Catte (as Faust), and Ekaterina Costantini (as Bambo, Queen of the Demons).



  1. ^ By January 1869 Perrot's Faust had been performed 100 times by the Imperial Ballet, and on the occasion of the 100th performance Petipa sent a letter of congratulations to Perrot, who was in Paris at that time.