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North York General Hospital (NYGH)
North York General Hospital logo.jpg
Location 4001 Leslie Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M2K 1E1
Care system Public Medicare (Canada) (OHIP)
Hospital type Community academic hospital
Affiliated university University of Toronto
Emergency department Yes (acute, subacute and ambulatory care)
Beds 422 acute care beds and 192 long-term care beds
Founded 1968

North York General Hospital (NYGH) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, offers acute care, ambulatory and long-term services at three sites: General site, Branson Ambulatory Care Centre and Seniors' Health Centre. Known as North York General, it is one of the community academic hospitals in Canada, affiliated with the University of Toronto.[1] It is one of the three constituent hospitals of the Peters-Boyd Academy of the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine.[2] The hospital emergency department had 106,830 visits in 2016–17.[3]


North York General Hospital, General site on Leslie Street

North York General Hospital at Leslie Street and Sheppard Avenue was opened in 1968. The four founding partners were: Friends of North York General (later to become the North York General Hospital Foundation); the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE), a Canadian women's charitable organization; the Missionary Health Institute; and Volunteer Services.[4] In 1960, a group of local citizens established the North Metropolitan Hospital Association to explore building a hospital to serve the growing area of North York. Under the leadership of Colonel Clifford Sifton, plans were made and funds raised for a 70-bed community hospital on the corner of Leslie and Sheppard. By November 1962, land on the Leslie site was obtained. Some 3,000 volunteers collected $3.2 million of the $8.6 million cost of the new hospital. On March 15, 1968, Premier John Robarts officially dedicated North York General Hospital. The hospital underwent a major expansion that opened in 2003. Today, North York General encompasses three sites: the General site, Branson Ambulatory Care Centre and Seniors' Health Centre. On March 1, 2017, North York General Hospital President and CEO Tim Rutledge announced the hospital would not be renewing its lease at the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre in 2019 and would begin to transition services from that site.[5]

General site[edit]

The General site is located at Leslie Street and Sheppard Avenue in north central Toronto. It offers services including inpatient acute care services and a 24-hour full service emergency. Some of the key programs and services include:

Cancer Care[edit]

The Cancer Program provides treatment for many types of cancers, including breast, colon, prostate, gynecological and urinary.[6]

Emergency Care[edit]

The Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency at the General site is a full-service emergency. The hospital emergency department had 106,830 visits in 2016–17.[7]


The Genetics Program is one of Ontario's largest, full service regional genetics centres. It offers assessment diagnosis and counselling for patients as well as laboratory testing. Services are offered for: Prenatal, General Clinical Genetics, Cancer Genetics and Huntington Disease.

Family and Community Medicine[edit]

North York General's Family and Community Medicine Program had 212 active physicians in 2015–16.

Maternal, Newborn and Paediatric Care[edit]

The Maternal, Newborn and Paediatric Care Program provides care throughout a woman's pregnancy from prenatal screening through labour and birth, to the postpartum experience. The hospital cares for over 2,000 children every year and offers a wide range of medical and mental health services for newborns to 18 years.

Diagnostic Imaging[edit]

The hospital offers a wide variety of medical imaging and cardio-respiratory services at its General and Branson sites.

Medicine and Elder Care[edit]

The Medicine & Elder Care Program covers a wide range of services with a special focus on the care of the elderly. Inpatient units provide care in: Neurology and Stroke; Cardiology; General Internal Medicine; Respiratory and Gastrointestinal; Progressive care for transition to an alternate level of care facility; Critical Care Unit; and Acute Care of the Elderly.

Mental Health[edit]

The hospital offers mental health services for individuals of all ages. Services at the General site include: Inpatient Care – Adult, Geriatric, Child & Adolescent; Partial Hospitalization Program; Outpatient Services; Geriatric Psychiatry Program (GPP); Child and Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health; Women's Clinic; Consultation Liaison Service to Medical/Surgical/Oncology/Paediatric. Mental health services are also offered at the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre.

Palliative Care[edit]

The Freeman Centre for the Advancement of Palliative Care offers a program to meet the needs of adult patients and their families who are living with cancer.


The comprehensive range of surgical services offered includes: cancer surgery, orthopaedic, paediatric, cataract, glaucoma and ocular oncology surgery, as well as expertise in otolaryngology, head and neck (ear, nose and throat), urology, plastic surgery, oral, maxillofacial, general, vascular and thoracic surgery.

  • One of the largest cancer care programs in the GTA.
  • The largest centre for orthopaedic joint assessment and surgery volumes in the Central LHIN. The Total Joint Assessment Centre (TJAC) is a hospital partnership between orthopaedic surgeons at Markham Stouffville Hospital and North York General to reduce the time patients wait for hip and knee replacement.
  • A regional centre for cataract surgery.
  • A major centre for paediatric surgery.

Branson Ambulatory Care Centre[edit]

The Branson Ambulatory Care Centre is located at Bathurst Street and Finch Avenue West (formerly North York Branson). It opened in 1957 as the Seventh-day Adventist Hospital. It is named for Mr. William Henry Branson, an Adventist missionary and President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. In 1997 it became part of North York General Hospital (as NYGH-Branson Division) after the final report by the Health Services Retructuring Commission.[8] On March 1, 2017, North York General Hospital President and CEO Tim Rutledge announced the hospital would not be renewing its lease at the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre in 2019 and would begin to transition services from that site.[9]

The Branson Ambulatory Care Centre offers a number of outpatient services that include:

Gale and Graham Wright Prostate Centre[edit]

In collaboration with the Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, the Gale and Graham Wright Prostate Centre provides an interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment based on surgical, radiation, chemotherapy treatments and clinical trials.

Cataract High Volume Centre[edit]

This regional centre for cataract surgery.

Diabetes Centre[edit]

The Diabetes Centre has two centres to meet the needs of patients and families: the Diabetes Education Centre and the Centre for Complex Diabetes Care.

Medical Imaging[edit]

A variety of medical imaging services are located at the Branson site: Ultrasound; Mammography and Bone Mineral Densitometry. The Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) is a provincial program providing early detection breast cancer screening to women.

Mental Health[edit]

A number of mental health services are located at Branson including: Addiction Program] – Adult and Transitional Age Youth; Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders Program; Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT); Child and Adolescent Outpatient Mental Health and day hospital; Partial Hospitalization Program; Adult Outpatient Mental Health; Outpatient Groups; Mental Health and Justice Treatment and Support Services; Primary Care Reversed Shared Care Services; and the Participants’ Council – Peer Support.

Seniors' Health Centre[edit]

The Seniors' Health Centre opened in 1985 and is located at 2 Buchan Court (Leslie and Sheppard). It houses both a long-term care home with 192 beds and Specialized Geriatric Services. These services are aimed at seniors with medical or mental health problems that threaten their independence or the ability to live at home. Along with the Day Hospital, the Seniors' Health Centre offers many Elder Care Clinics.

Some of the clinics include: Osteoporosis & Fracture Prevention Clinic; Memory Clinic; Parkinson’s Education and Exercise Program; Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSM); and Geriatric Medicine and Psychiatry Outpatient Clinics.


  • North York General Hospital receives 2017 Patient Safety Champion Award recognizing its innovative approach to Never Events,, June 13, 2017
  • North York General offers breast cancer surgery, reconstruction at once,, Dec. 26, 2016
  • Innovative biopsy procedure for prostate cancer, CTV News, November 25, 2016
  • North York General Hospital get $1.9 million provincial "HIRF" grant for facility upgrades,, August 8, 2016
  • North York General Hospital's breast cancer program receives full accreditation from the NAPBC,, June 8, 2016
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