Norwood – 205th Street (IND Concourse Line)

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Norwood – 205th Street
New York City Subway rapid transit station
205 street Station.jpg
An R68 NYCS-bull-trans-D.svg train entering the station from the relay tracks. It is about to start its southern service.
Station statistics
Address East 205th Street & Bainbridge Avenue
Bronx, NY 10467
Borough The Bronx
Locale Norwood
Coordinates 40°52′30″N 73°52′46″W / 40.874908°N 73.879452°W / 40.874908; -73.879452Coordinates: 40°52′30″N 73°52′46″W / 40.874908°N 73.879452°W / 40.874908; -73.879452
Division B (IND)
Line IND Concourse Line
Services       D all times (all times)
Structure Underground
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Other information
Opened July 1, 1933; 82 years ago (July 1, 1933)
Former/other names 205th Street
Passengers (2014) 2,709,761[1]Increase 5.5%
Rank 182 out of 421
Station succession
Next north (Terminal): D all times
Next south Bedford Park Boulevard: D all times

Norwood – 205th Street (formerly 205th Street) is the northern terminal station on the IND Concourse Line of the New York City Subway. Located at the intersection of 205th Street and Bainbridge Avenue in Norwood, Bronx, it is served by the D train at all times.

This underground station, opened on July 1, 1933, has two tracks and one island platform. Both track walls have a lime green trim line with small "205" signs below them at regular intervals. The platform has a row of lime green i-beam columns on both sides.

This station has two fare control areas. The full-time side at the south (geographical west) end has a turnstile bank, token booth, and two staircases going up to the southeast and northwest corners of East 206th Street and Bainbridge Avenue. The other fare control area at the station's north (geographical east) end is unstaffed, containing full height turnstiles and two staircases going up to the northwest and southeast corners of East 205th Street and Perry Avenue.

This station was not intended to be the terminus of the Concourse Line or the D train; both were supposed to have been extended east to serve the northeast section of the Bronx.[2][3] This idea was abandoned when the City of New York bought the right-of-way of the bankrupt New York, Westchester and Boston Railway and converted it for subway use. Another proposal in the 1970s involved extending the Concourse Line to White Plains Road, but financial troubles caused the plan to be aborted.

As a result of the planned extension, the two tracks continue east of this station for about 700 feet and this station does not have any crew quarters. Crews are changed at Bedford Park Boulevard, the next station south.

Because there is no diamond crossover between the tracks west of this station due to the Concourse Yard lead, terminating trains arrive on the southern (railroad northbound) track and discharge their passengers before continuing east to the end of the track. They then use the diamond crossover there to return to this station on the northern (railroad southbound) track and begin service to Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Station layout[edit]

G Street Level Exit/ Entrance
M Mezzanine Fare control, station agent
Southbound NYCS-bull-trans-D.svg toward Coney Island – Stillwell Avenue (boarding passengers only) (Bedford Park Boulevard)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Northbound NYCS-bull-trans-D.svg termination track →


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