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Nu or NU may refer to:


  • Nu (letter), a letter in the Greek alphabet: lowercase ν, uppercase Ν
  • Nu (kana), the Japanese characters ぬ and ヌ


Other abbreviations[edit]

  • Northern Union (NU), early name of the Rugby Football League
  • Nunavut (NU), the largest and newest territory in the territories of Canada
  • Nahdatul Ulama (NU), an Islamic group in Indonesia
  • Nusselt number (Nu), a dimensionless heat transfer ratio
  • Poisson's ratio, a dimensionless ratio relating strain on element along one axis to the strain in an orthogonal axis, is symbolized by the Greek letter Nu, ν
  • Nucellar embryony (Nu+), a form of seed reproduction that occurs in certain plant species
  • Bhutanese ngultrum (Nu.), Bhutan's official currency
  • Northeast Utilities, a gas and electric company in the northeastern United States



Burmese people[edit]

Nu is a common Burmese name and may refer to:

  • Nga Nu, a pretender to the Ava throne (1367)
  • Saya Gyi U Nu, a writer famous during King Bodawpaya's reign (r. 1782–1819)
  • Me Nu: chief queen of King Bagyidaw (r. 1819–1837)
  • U Nu: Prime Minister of the Union of Burma (1948–1958; 1960–1962); "U" is a title equivalent to "Mr."

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