Nu Tauri

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ν Tauri
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Taurus
Right ascension 04h 03m 09.4s
Declination +5° 59' 21"
Apparent magnitude (V) +3.91
Distance 129 ± 4 ly
(40 ± 1 pc)
Spectral type A1V
Other designations
8 Tauri, HR 1251, HD 25490, BD+05 581, FK5 151, HIP 18907, SAO 111579, GC 4862

Nu Tauri (ν Tau, ν Tauri) is a star in the constellation Taurus. Nu Tauri is a white A-type main sequence dwarf with an apparent magnitude of +3.91. It is approximately 129 light years from Earth. This star is 2.2 times the mass of the Sun, nearly double the Sun's radius, and is radiating roughly 26 times the Sun's luminosity.[1]


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