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OriginVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Years active1986–2000, 2019
LabelsMetropolis Records
Zoth Ommog
Re-Constriction Records
Kk Records
Lively Art
Edge Records
Burning Records
Associated actsHalo Gen, Sin, Downtime, Proof By Nine, Images in Vogue
MembersDon Gordon
Past membersDavid Collings
Blair Dobson
David Hall
Conan Hunter
Sean Stubbs

Numb is a Canadian electro-industrial band that is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Numb was founded by Don Gordon, David Hall and Sean Stubbs in 1986.[1]

The band's album "Death on the Installment Plan", released in 1993, featured weird electronic tape-loops overlaid with heavily distorted vocals.[2] The 1998 album Wasted Sky used some of the same techniques, but with a darker feel and more technically varied approach.[3]

Singer David Collins joined the band in 1995; the band released its fifth album, Blood Meridian, which contained strong, violent electronic sound but no guitar music, in 1997.[1] Two years later, Numb recorded the electronic dance album Language of Silence, released through Metropolis.[4] The tracks on this album were somewhat quieter and darkly intense.[5]

Following the release of one final single, Suspended, Numb disbanded in 1998, and Gordon moved to Vietnam to live with his wife.

After what was considered by many to be a retirement of the project and Don Gordon from the music scene in general, an album of new material will be made available via Bandcamp on August 23, 2019 entitled "Mortal Geometry". [6]


  • Don Gordon – Producing
  • David Collings – Vocals (1995–2000)
  • Blair Dobson – Vocals (1989–1991)
  • David Hall – Keyboards, Programming (1986–1991)
  • Conan Hunter – Vocals, Programming (1992–1994)
  • Sean Stubbs (Sean St.Hubbs) – Vocals, Drums, Percussion (1986–1988), Live Drums (1994–1995, 1998)


Full length albums and EPs[edit]

  • Numb (1988)
  • Christmeister (1989)
  • Bliss (single) (1991)
  • Death on the Installment Plan (1993)
  • Wasted Sky (1994)
  • Fixate (EP) (1995)
  • Koro (Live in Japan) (1996)
  • Blood Meridian (album) (1997)[1]
  • Blind (single) (1997)
  • Language of Silence (1998)
  • Suspended (single) (1998)

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • "Eugene (Pickaxe Mix by Pig and Andrew Burton)" on Funky Alternatives Vol. 6 Concrete (1991)
  • "Curse (Metastsizing Dub)" on Electro-Genetic KK (1993)
  • "Shithammer (Dread & Bled)" on Moonraker Off Beat (1993)
  • "Blue Light, Black Candle (live)" on Celtic Circle Sampler #2 (1994)
  • "Ratblast (Compressed & Distressed)" on The Digital Space Between Hard (1994)
  • "Decay of the Angel" on Body Rapture Vol. 4 Zoth Ommog (1994)
  • cover of Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It" on Operation Beatbox Reconstriction (1996)
  • "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" on TV Terror: Felching a Dead Horse Reconstriction (1997)
  • "Blind (Hyper-dilated) on Electronic Lust, Vol. 1 Orkus (1998)
  • "Desire (Protean)" on The O-Files Vol. 3 Off Beat (1998)
  • "Desire (Prelude and Nocturne)" on The O-Files Vol. 3 Off Beat (1998)
  • "Blind (Mentallo Mix)" on The O-Files Vol. 3 Off Beat (1998)
  • "Blood (Crash & Bleed Edit)" on Electropolis, Vol. 1 Metropolis (1998)
  • cover of the theme from "Suspiria" on Electronic Lust Orkus (1999)
  • "Half-Life" on Septic Vol. 1 Dependent (1999)
  • "Respect" on Electro Club Attack-Shot 2 XXC (1999)
  • "Static" on Electropolis, Vol. 2 Metropolis (2000)
  • "Deviation" on Orgazma Tracks Vol. 3 Alter Ego (2001)

Side projects[edit]


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