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O.H.M.S. is a 1937 English adventure film directed by Raoul Walsh and starring Wallace Ford, John Mills, Anna Lee and Grace Bradley.

Plot summary[edit]

An American gangster evades the New York Police's pursuit of him for a murder he didn't commit by fleeing to England with the victim's papers, having assumed his identity. Once in England he joins the British Army and finds romance and adventure on campaign in China.[1]

Partial cast[edit]


Seeking to use cinema to counter the anti-militarist and pacifistic public atmosphere that predominated in the late 1930s in England, and foster an Anglo-American spirit on either side of the Atlantic Ocean in the prelude to the outbreak of World War II, the Gaumont British Picture Corporation engaged the American Director Raoul Walsh, and the Anglo-American star Wallace Ford to produce a film showing life in the British Army in an entertaining and positive light, in the same manner that Walsh had done for the United States Marines Corps in What Price Glory?.[2]

The film was recorded at Gainsborough Studios in London, and renamed You're in the Army Now! for its U.S.A. release.


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