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ORMLite logo.png
Stable release 4.48 / December 16, 2013 (2013-12-16)
Written in Java
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Object-relational mapping
License ISC license
Website http://ormlite.com/

ORMLite is an open source software framework that provides lightweight object relational mapping (ORM) between Java classes and SQL databases. It supports JDBC databases as well as Android mobile platform. The software project was started with the goal of providing a simple yet powerful wrapper around the JDBC functions without the complexity of other frameworks such as Hibernate and iBATIS.

ORMLite supports JDBC connections to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, H2, Derby, HSQLDB, and SQLite and can be extended to additional databases relatively easily. There are also initial implementations for DB2 and Oracle. It has a separate database backend which also supports native database calls on Android OS.


ORMLite provides the following features:

  • Configure database classes by simply adding Java annotations. Configuration using code or Spring also works.
  • Tables are accessed with powerful abstract Data Access Object classes.
  • A flexible database query builder is provided with which can easily construct simple and complex queries.
  • Can compile SQL statements for repetitive query tasks.
  • Basic support for database transactions.
  • Create and drop database tables with the help of statements generated by the framework.

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