Obfuscation (song)

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Obfuscation single.jpg
Single by Between the Buried and Me
from the album The Great Misdirect
Released September 29, 2009
Recorded June - July 2009
Genre Technical death metal, progressive metal[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]
Length 9:15
Label Victory
Producer(s) Jamie King
Between the Buried and Me singles chronology

"Obfuscation" is a song by Between the Buried and Me. The song was released as the first single from their fifth album The Great Misdirect. "Obfuscation" appears as the second track on the album, directly following up from the previous track, "Mirrors" and even features occasional time signature-followings as well as lyrics that are reflected in "Mirrors".

"Obfuscation" is featured as downloadable content for Rock Band, via the Rock Band Network and appears in Saints Row: The Third on fictional radio station The Blood 106.66.

Music video[edit]

A music video was produced for the song. It was directed by Kevin McVey and released on November 29, 2009. It is considered to be a "short film".[10]

Set in Marfa, Texas, the video begins with a man (played by Bill Oberst Jr) driving a Chrysler and newspaper headline about a UFO appearing, before cutting to a boy (played by Tyler Smith) attending a magic show with his family. The magician performing invites the boy's sister (played by Sasha Stuber) to appear in one of his tricks, where she will enter a box, disappear, and return. When the girl enters the box, she arrives in a demented world where she is menaced by cloaked figures. The girl returns clearly traumatized and the boy begins to take interest in the magician. At their home, the girl panics and runs outside when she sees the television is showing "Killers from Space." She vomits a noxious acid and dies.

Meanwhile, the man arrives at a gas station to get directions, but is forced to shoot the clerk with his Walther P38 when she notices a tattoo on his neck.

The boy decides to go to the carnival the magician is performing at to get revenge for the death of his sister, and arms himself with a switchblade and a lighter. He sneaks into the magician's tent, but the magician is alerted to his presence and puts him into the box, sending him to the mysterious world. The man also arrives at the carnival, kills the magician's clown assistants and confronts the magician himself. The man had previously warned the magician that he would kill him if he touched the boy. The magician responds he hasn't touched the boy yet and proceeds to enter the box; the man follows in pursuit.

The magician chases after the boy, but is stopped when the boy hits him with a tree branch and stabs him with his switchblade. The man enters and shoots the magician in the head. It is then revealed that the man is the boy's future self, who warns the boy that he is not immortal. As they leave, the boy wakes up and the man is seen driving away in his car.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Obfuscation" – 9:15


Between the Buried and Me
  • Produced by Jamie King
  • Music video directed by Kevin McVey


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