Od nas zavisi

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Republic of Macedonia "Od nas zavisi"
Eurovision Song Contest 2002 entry
Nikola Perevski
Vladimir Krstevski Arranger(s) Diran Tavitjan
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "100% te ljubam" (2000)   
"Life" (2004) ►

"Od nas zavisi" (Macedonian Cyrillic: Од нас зависи, English translation: "It depends on us") was the Macedonian [1] entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2002, performed in the Macedonian language by Karolina.

The song is a dramatic ballad, with Karolina musing on the subject of a lost love. She sings that any time at all can be paradise, but that making it so "depends on us".

It was intended for this song to have been performed in English on the Eurovision night, however when the song was being registered with the EBU, it was put down that it would be performed in Macedonian, therefore this document had to be honoured.

The song was performed ninth on the night, following Estonia's Sahlene with "Runaway" and preceding Israel's Sarit Hadad with "Nadlik Beyakhad Ner (Light A Candle)". At the close of voting, it had received 25 points, placing 19th in a field of 24.

Due to the poor result - Macedonia's equal-worst finish - Macedonia was ineligible to participate in the 2003 Contest, but were readmitted the following year. Hence, the song was succeeded as Macedonian representative at the 2004 Contest by Toše Proeski with "Life".


Preceded by
"100% Te Ljubam" by XXL
Macedonian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest
Succeeded by
"Life" by Tose Proeski