Okanagan Mission, British Columbia

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Okanagan Mission
Lake Okanagan in Winter near Maude Roxby Wetlands
The Mission
Coordinates: 49°49′00″N 119°29′00″W / 49.81667°N 119.48333°W / 49.81667; -119.48333Coordinates: 49°49′00″N 119°29′00″W / 49.81667°N 119.48333°W / 49.81667; -119.48333
ProvinceBritish Columbia
This article is for the Kelowna neighbourhood. For the namesake historic mission see Okanagan Mission

Okanagan Mission, also known colloquially as "the Mission" is a neighbourhood of the City of Kelowna in the Okanagan region of Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada, located on the south side of the city at the foot of Okanagan Mountain.[1]

It derives its name from the Okanagan Mission founded by Father Pandosy, historically known as the Okanagan Mission, which was located here and was the first non-native settlement in the Okanagan Valley.[2]


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