Olavi Mäenpää

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Olavi Mäenpää in May 2009

Olavi Juhani Mäenpää (29 November 1950 Tyrvää – 31 January 2018 Turku) was a Finnish politician and former chairman of Finnish People's Blue-whites (Suomen Kansan Sinivalkoiset, SKS), a political party aligned with the far-right.[1] He was a member of the city council of Turku, his home city, since 1992 until he lost his seat in the elections in 2017.[2]

In the municipal election of 2004, Mäenpää received a total of 2,208 votes, more than any other candidate in Turku.[3] Mäenpää has also appeared as a candidate in elections to the Finnish parliament (Eduskunta) and the European Parliament, but has not been successful.

In the European parliamentary election of 2009, Mäenpää publicly supported Ville Itälä of the National Coalition Party (Kokoomus).

In 2010, Mäenpää joined the Finnish Freedom Party, and the SKS was dissolved.

In 2017 the Turku court of appeals sentenced Mäenpää to 7 months suspended imprisonment for forgery. This pertained to falsified electoral documents. The original sentence of the district court for Finland proper was 5 months suspended.


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