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Pekka Siitoin in 1963.

Timo Pekka Olavi Siitoin (May 20, 1944 – December 8, 2003) was an occultist and a neo-Nazi from Naantali, Finland.

In his youth he studied at the Theatre Academy of Finland and was a disciple of Finland's best known clairvoyant, Aino Kassinen. In the 1970s he became a neo-Nazi and founded several organizations. He saw himself as the leader of the Finnish Nazi movement but got at most a few dozen supporters. Siitoin also wrote books about politics and occultism.

In 1977 Siitoin was convicted of inciting the arson of the printing house Kursiivi which printed the Communist newspaper Tiedonantaja and founding an organisation forbidden in the 1947 Paris Peace Treaty.[1] He was sentenced to five years and seven months in prison. Siitoin had earlier been fined, while convicted of cruelty to animals and vandalism against the synagogue in Turku. On November 4, 1977 the Finnish Ministry of the Interior closed down four of the organisations he had founded, as neo-Fascist and forbidden by the 1947 Paris Peace Treaty.

A documentary film called Sieg Heil Suomi has been made about the Neo-Nazi activities led by Siitoin and Väinö Kuisma.

Siitoin died of cancer.[2]


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