Ontario general election, 1951

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Ontario general election, 1951

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90 seats in the 24th Legislative Assembly of Ontario
46 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Leslie Frost Premier of Ontario.jpg Walter Cunningham Thomson Infobox.jpg Ted jolliffe 1942.jpg
Leader Leslie Frost Walter Thomson Ted Jolliffe
Party Progressive Conservative Liberal Co-operative Commonwealth
Leader since April 27, 1949 November 10, 1950 April 3, 1942
Leader's seat Victoria Ran in Ontario (Lost) York South (lost re-election)
Last election 53 14 21
Seats won 79 8 2
Seat change Increase26 Decrease6 Decrease19
Percentage 48.5% 31.5% 19.1%
Swing Increase7.0pp Increase1.7pp Decrease3.3pp

Premier before election

Leslie Frost
Progressive Conservative


Leslie Frost
Progressive Conservative

The Ontario general election of 1951 was held on November 22, 1951, to elect the 90 members of the 24th Legislative Assembly of Ontario (Members of Provincial Parliament, or "MPPs") of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, led by Leslie Frost, won a fourth consecutive term in office, increasing its caucus in the legislature from 53 in the previous election to 79—a solid majority.

The Ontario Liberal Party, led by Walter Thomson, lost six seats, but regained the role of official opposition because of the collapse of the CCF vote. Albert Wren was elected as a Liberal-Labour candidate and sat with the Liberal caucus.

The social democratic Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), led by Ted Jolliffe, lost all but two of its previous 21 seats with Jolliffe himself being defeated in the riding of York South.

One seat was won by J.B. Salsberg of the Labor-Progressive Party (which was the Communist Party of Ontario). LPP leader A.A. MacLeod lost his downtown Toronto seat of Bellwoods in this election and three other LPP candidates were also defeated.


  Party Leader 1948 Elected % change Popular vote
% change
  Progressive Conservative Leslie Frost 53 79 +49.1% 48.5% +4.2%
  Liberal Walter Thomson 13 7 -46.2% 31.5% +1.7%
  Liberal-Labour 1 1 -
  Co-operative Commonwealth Ted Jolliffe 21 2 -90.5% 19.1% -3.3%
Labor–Progressive Stewart Smith 2 1 -50%    
Total 90 90 - 100%  

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