Operation MH-2

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Operation MH-2
Part of the insurgency in the Republic of Macedonia
Одлука за воена операција МХ-2-Куманово 2001.jpg
Date8 May 2001

Operation halted by Boris Trajkovski, Ljubco Georgievski and foreign influencers [1]

  • Macedonian forces continue their counter-insurgency campaign; Operation Vaksince,[2] Operation Rugjince,[3] and Operation Arachinovo[4] launched
Macedonian forces regain control over most of Lipkovo-held NLA territory.[5]


 United States
Commanders and leaders
Boris Trajkovski
Ljubčo Georgievski
Army of the Republic of Macedonia Pande Petrovski
Law enforcement in the Republic of Macedonia Ljube Boškoski
Ali Ahmeti
Fadil Nimani
Units involved
Army of the Republic of Macedonia Macedonian Army
Law enforcement in the Republic of Macedonia Macedonian Police
114th Brigade
unknown number of soldiers
3 tanks
460 police officers
Casualties and losses
2 soldiers killed
1 captured[6](later released)[7]
30 killed[8]

Operation MH-2 (Macedonian: Операција МХ-2) was the first major battle[9] in the Kumanovo Karadak region during the insurgency in the Republic of Macedonia. The goals of the operation were to create a corridor between the villages of Slupchane and Lipkovo to connect with Aleshevce, thus preventing all villages from communicating between themselves and to clear all villages of terrorists.[10] Two soldiers were killed in an ambush and one was kidnapped.[11]

British conspiracy tape[edit]

On 7 May the Director of Public Safety of the Ministry of Interior, Zvonko Kasharski brought from the British embassy in to the General staff of ARM a videotape of the villages that were supposed to be recaptured from the terrorist in the operation. The tape was reviewed but not taken in to consideration.[12]

Execution of the Operation MH - 2[edit]

Macedonian forces started to demine the fields at 8 a.m. and attacked with one mechanized battalion with support of artillery[13] villages: Ljubodrag, Lopate and Orizare. One tank battalion and one mechanized battalion attack Vaksince and Lojane was blocked with one mechanized battalion supported by tank platoon. 480 Policeman were included to support the military.[14] Around 2 p.m. the operation was stopped by orders of Boris Trajkovski over the phone to general Pande Petrovski.[15][16] In the time when the order was given the terrorist were in panic and fleeing the battlefield in to the mountains.[17]


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