PNG Conservative Party

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PNG Conservative Party
Founded 2007
Dissolved 2015
Ideology Conservatism

The PNG Conservative Party was a political party in Papua New Guinea.

It was established in January 2007 by Southern Highlands Governor Hami Yawari.[1] It pledged to reduce all forms of taxes, implement free education from elementary level to university, and give K5 million each year to all 89 districts.[2][3] In June 2007, Morobe Province candidates publicly complained that the party had failed to pay for campaign expenses.[4]

Yawari was defeated at the 2007 election, although new candidate James Lagea was elected in Kagua-Erave Open.[5] Lagea defected to the National Alliance Party upon his election.[6]

The party remained formally registered for the 2012 election, but won no seats. It was deregistered in 2015.[7][8][9]


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