Rural Development Party

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Rural Development Party
Founder Moses Maladina
Founded 2006
Dissolved 2015
Ideology Agrarianism

The Rural Development Party was a political party in Papua New Guinea.

It was founded in November 2006 by Esa’ala MP Moses Maladina, who became the party's first leader.[1][2] In May 2007, media reports suggested that some members were unhappy with a perceived lack of party financial support for their campaigns.[3]

It was reported to have won three out of 109 seats at the 2007 general elections: Maladina, Alphonse Moroi (Central Provincial) and Benjamin Philip (Mariyama Open).[4][5][6] A fourth, Manus Provincial MP Michael Sapau, had been reported as a party candidate during the campaign, but denied any association upon his election and claimed to be an independent.[7] The party initially supported the government of Michael Somare, with Maladina being promoted to the Ministry as Minister of State for Constitutional Affairs in July 2010; the party then had a position in the Peter O'Neill government from August 2011.[8][9]

Moroi had joined the National Alliance Party by late 2008.[10] By the 2012 election, Maladina and Philip had defected to the governing People's National Congress, and Maladina was serving as Leader of Government Business. In April 2012, Speaker Jeffrey Nape - formerly of the Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party - was appointed as the new Rural Development Party leader for the election.[11][12]

The party won no seats at the 2012 election and was deregistered in 2015.[13][14]


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