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Logo of PTDC
PTDC Miandam, Swat valley

PTDC or Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (Urdu: پاکستان سیاحت‎) is an organization of the Government of Pakistan. PTDC is governed by the Board of Directors and provides transportation to various areas and owns and runs several motels across the country.

In 2018, the British Backpacker Society ranked Pakistan as the top country for adventure travel destination.[1] In response to the ranking, the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation introduced a visa on arrival system for tourists visiting Pakistan from 24 countries, with the Managing Director of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation stating that the ranking was a "huge honour" for Pakistan.[2]


  • Development and improvement of PTDC Tourist Information Centres, Hotels and Motels throughout Pakistan to attract domestic and international tourists.
  • To produce publicity and promotional material for distribution at home and abroad.
  • To conduct promotional programmes, activities and events for attracting tourists.
  • To create awareness of tourism throughout the private sector, Pakistan Missions abroad, PIA offices, tour operators, travel agents and hoteliers.
  • To provide familiarization and package tours, tourist transportation and ground handling to group tours.
  • To hold conferences, seminars, and workshops to promote and create awareness of tourism, and to improve the image of Pakistan.


  • Planning & Development - identification and implementation of projects dealing with tourism infrastructure such as Motels, Recreational units, Resorts etc.
  • Publicity & Promotion of tourist products and projects, production of tourist literature, domestic and foreign publicity.
  • Operation of AHP Ltd. a Public Limited Company, which manages and operates Flashman's Hotel in Rawalpindi.
  • Management of all hospitality units operated by PTDC Motels (Pvt.) Lt. in various tourist destinations of the country where the private sector is shy to invest.
  • Management of Pakistan Tours (Pvt.) Ltd, which provides ground handling and transport facilities for international and domestic groups.


PTDC runs motels at a number of locations throughout the country to provide quality low cost accommodation for visitors. These motels are located at the following locations:

  1. Astak
  2. Khalti (Ghizer)
  3. Ayubia, Islamabad
  4. Booni
  5. Besham
  6. Chitral
  7. Karimabad, Hunza
  8. Khuzdar, Baluchistan
  9. Miandam, Swat
  10. Saidu Sharif, Swat
  11. Panakot
  12. Satpara
  13. Sust, Hunza
  14. Torkham, near Peshawar
  15. Wagah, near Lahore[3]
  16. Ziarat, Quetta
  17. Naran
  18. Shogran
  19. Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan
  20. Khaplu, Ghanche

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