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Pan cover.jpg
Studio album by The Blue Hearts
Released July 10, 1995[1]
Recorded Go Go King Recorders
Avaco Creative Studio
Miz Music Studio
Genre Alternative rock
Length 64:20
Language Japanese
Label East West Japan[1]
Producer The Blue Hearts
The Blue Hearts chronology
Dug Out Pan

Pan was the eighth and final studio album released by the Japanese band The Blue Hearts. It was the only album not to have any songs that were released as singles.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Drummers' Session" (ドラマーズ・セッション)
  2. "Houston Blues" (ヒューストン・ブルース)
  3. "Modotte Okure Yo" (もどっておくれよ Come Back to Me)
  4. "Boin Killer" (ボインキラー Breast Killer)
  5. "Hana ni Natta Kamakiri" (花になったかまきり Praying Mantis that Became a Flower)
  6. "Bye-bye Baby" (バイバイBaby)
  7. "Aruku Hana" (歩く花 Walking Flower)
  8. "Kyūjitsu" (休日 Holiday)
  9. "Tobago no Yume" (トバゴの夢 Dream of Tobago)
  10. "Kōfuku no Seisansha" (幸福の生産者 Producer of Happiness)
  11. "Good Friend (Ai no Mikata)" (Good Friend(愛の味方) Good Friend (Friend of Love))
  12. "Hitotoki no Yume" (ひとときの夢 Temporary Dream)
  13. "Arigato-san" (ありがとさん Mr. Thank You)


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