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Pantina (Serbian Cyrillic: Пантина) is a settlement in the Vučitrn municipality in the disputed region of Kosovo. The rural settlement lies on a cadastral area with the same name, with 484 hectares. It lies 521 m above sea level. It has an ethnic Albanian majority, and Serbian minority; in the 1991 census, it had 1855 inhabitants.

It lies on the left of the Sitnica river.


The village is mentioned for the first time as the site of the Battle of Pantino in 1173, when Serbian Prince Stefan Nemanja defeated his older brother, and Byzantine ally, Grand Prince Tihomir (r. 1166), and was crowned Grand Prince of Serbia, beginning the reign of the Nemanjić dynasty. In a charter of Emperor Stephen Dušan dating to 1334, the village was granted (metochion) to the Saint Archangels Monastery, the Emperor's foundation, in Prizren. In an Ottoman defter (tax register) of 1455, it was a village with 55 Serb houses, and a house of a Serbian Orthodox priest. The village is part of the ecclessiastical jurisdiction of the Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Raška and Prizren.

Demographic history
Ethnic group 1948 1953 1961 1971 1981[1] 1991
Albanians 1567
Serbs 134
Total[2] 866 936 1086 1364 1701 1855


Coordinates: 42°50′02″N 20°54′09″E / 42.83389°N 20.90250°E / 42.83389; 20.90250