Paper mills of Aberdeen

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Coordinates: 57°08′56″N 2°05′51″W / 57.148970°N 2.097541°W / 57.148970; -2.097541

This is an article about the 3 main paper mills in Aberdeen, Scotland (some closed).

Donside Paper Mill[edit]

Donside Paper Mill under demolition, 15 February, 2006

The Donside Paper Mill was paper mill in Aberdeen, shortly to the north of Old Aberdeen and the Tillydrone area, by the River Don. Since its closure in 2001 (with the loss of approximately 250 jobs), all the mill buildings have been cleared, and the site has been redeveloped as an "urban village"

The mill was developed to produce off-machine coated grades of paper. Principle grades were label (one sided coated), gloss art (two sided, single and double coated)and matt art (two sided single and double coated).

In 2016 a hydro electric turbine was installed on the site by Aberdeen Community Energy ( The installation revealed an old lade which had previously delivered water to the paper mill.

Davidson Mill[edit]

Davidson Mill was a paper mill in the Mugiemoss area of Aberdeen. It closed in June 2005.

Stoneywood Paper Mill[edit]

Stoneywood Paper Mill is a paper mill still functioning in Aberdeen. It was established in 1710 by James Moir. The 314-year-old mill is now the only remaining paper mill on the river Don.

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