Paralamas e Titãs Juntos e Ao Vivo

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Paralamas e Titãs Juntos e Ao Vivo
Paralams e Titãs Juntos e Ao Vivo.jpg
Live album by Paralamas do Sucesso and Titãs
Released 2008
Recorded January 2008, at Marina da Glória, Rio de Janeiro
Genre Rock
Label EMI
Paralamas do Sucesso and Titãs chronology
Titãs & Paralamas Juntos Ao Vivo
Paralamas e Titãs Juntos e Ao Vivo

Paralamas e Titãs Juntos e Ao Vivo is a live album by Brazilian rock bands Paralamas do Sucesso and Titãs in 2008. It is the second live album recorded by both bands together, and it has been released as a DVD as well. The album is part of the bands' 25 years of career celebration, and several other shows took place in the beginning of 2008, with both bands sharing stage. Some well-known Brazilian artists made guest appearances during the show, like Andreas Kisser (from Sepultura), Samuel Rosa (from Skank), and Arnaldo Antunes (former Titãs member). For the live performances, both bands were nominated for "Best Live Act" at the 2008 MTV Video Music Brazil awards[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Music Lead vocals Length
1. "Diversão" (Fun) Sérgio Britto, Nando Reis Herbert Vianna 3:21
2. "O Calibre" (The Caliber) Vianna Vianna and Paulo Miklos 3:05
3. "Marvin (Patches)" Ronald Dunbar and General N. Johnson (version by Britto and Reis) Mello and Vianna 4:14
4. "Selvagem/Polícia" (Savage/Police; featuring Andreas Kisser) Vianna, Bi Ribeiro, João Barone/ Tony Bellotto Britto & Vianna 4:49
5. "Uma Brasileira" (A (female) Brazilian) Carlinhos Brown and Vianna Vianna 3:36
6. "A Novidade" (The News) Vianna, Ribeiro, Barone and Gilberto Gil Vianna and Britto 3:46
7. "Homem Primata" (Primate Man) Britto, Marcelo Fromer, Reis and Ciro Pessoa Britto and Vianna 3:21
8. "Lourinha Bombril (Parate Y Mira)" (Bombril Little Blond (Stop and Notice it); featuring Samuel Rosa) Diego José Blanco and Fernando Javier Luis Hortal (version by Vianna) Rosa, Mello and Vianna 3:05
9. "Cabeça Dinossauro" (Head Dinossaur) Miklos, Mello and Antunes Mello 4:19
10. "A Melhor Banda de Todos os Tempos da Última Semana" (Last Week's Best Band Ever) Britto and Mello Mello 3:11
11. "O Beco" (The Alley; featuring Samuel Rosa) Vianna and Ribeiro Rosa, Mello & Vianna 3:22
12. "Trac-Trac (Track-Track)" (I'll Doubt It) Fito Páez (version by Vianna) Vianna and Britto 3:27
13. "Go Back" Torquato Neto and Britto Britto and Vianna 3:43
14. "Comida" (Food; featuring Arnaldo Antunes) Fromer, Britto and Antunes Antunes and Miklos 4:43
15. "Lugar Nenhum" (Nowhere; featuring Arnaldo Antunes and Andreas Kisser) Antunes, Charles Gavin, Fromer, Britto and Belloto Antunes and Mello 4:30
16. "Óculos" (Glasses) Vianna Miklos and Vianna 4:10
17. "Sonífera Ilha/Ska" (Sleepy Island/Ska) Mello, Fromer, Belloto, Carlos Barmak, Pessoa/Vianna Vianna/Vianna and Miklos 5:08
18. "Meu Erro" (My Mistake) Vianna Vianna and Mello 3:14
19. "Flores" (Flowers) Gavin, Belloto, Miklos and Britto Mello and Vianna 3:56


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