Paris La Défense – Une Ville En Concert

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Paris La Défense Advertising

Paris La Défense – Une Ville En Concert was a concert held by musician Jean Michel Jarre on the district of La Défense in Paris on Bastille Day, July 14, 1990. About 2.5 million people standing in front of the pyramidal stage all the way down to the Arc de Triomphe witnessed this event, setting a new Guinness Book of Records entry for Jarre. The concert was funded by the Mairie De Paris, Ministry of Culture and a small cluster of high-profile Parisian business concerns. Later, a concert video as well as a photobook of the event were released.

The show featured new tracks from the Waiting for Cousteau album, and vast grotesque marionettes created by Trinidadian Peter Minshall. A VHS cassette of the concert was released in 1992.

Track listing[edit]

  • Waiting For Cousteau (played on loop before the concert)
  • Paris La Défense
  • Oxygène 4
  • Équinoxe 4
  • Équinoxe 5(*)
  • Souvenir de Chine (Souvenir of China)
  • Les Chants Magnétiques II (Magnetic Fields II)
  • Ethnicolor
  • Ethnitransition
  • Zoolookologie
  • Revolution, Revolutions
  • Second Rendez-Vous
  • Calypso 2
  • Calypso 3 – Fin De Siècle
  • Calypso
  • Fourth Rendez-Vous(*)
  • Calypso (encore)

Songs marked (*) are omitted from the official video release.


  • Jean-Michel Jarre: Synthesizers
  • Michel Geiss: Synthesizers
  • Francis Rimbert: Synthesizers
  • Dominique Perrier: Synthesizers
  • Frederick Rousseau: Synthesizers
  • Sylvain Durand: Synthesizers
  • Guy Delacroix: Bass, Synthesizers
  • Christophe Deschamps: Drums & Percussions
  • Dino Lumbroso: Drums & Percussions
  • Christine Durand: Soprano
  • Larbi Ouechni: Arab Vocals
  • Amoco Renegades (directed by Jit Samaroo): Steel Drums
  • Les Choeurs Des Hauts De Seine (conducted by Bruno Rossignol): Choir
  • Al Mawsili: Classical Arab Orchestra

Instruments used[edit]