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Parliamentary News Network (PNN) was an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) radio network dedicated to broadcasting the Australian Parliament's "Question Time" sessions. It was established in the 1960s, parliamentary broadcasts previously being carried by contracted stations.

It was taken over by the then-new ABC NewsRadio in 1994. Initially, this new service was sometimes known as "ABC NewsRadio on the Parliamentary and News Network" to create a link between old and new.

Despite the use of the network by ABC NewsRadio, the PNN exists independent of it. The PNN falls under the Parliamentary Proceedings Broadcasting Act 1946 and not the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983. Parliamentary proceedings must be broadcast on the network defined by the Act.

The ABC still produces a parliament-only feed for satellite, cable and Internet purposes. This is sometimes still known as PNN.

Due to legal action by CNN, it is no longer known as PNN on air.[citation needed]

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