Alexander M. Patch American High School

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(Alexander M.) Patch American High School (PAHS)
Coordinates 48°44′07″N 9°04′32″E / 48.735331°N 9.075442°E / 48.735331; 9.075442Coordinates: 48°44′07″N 9°04′32″E / 48.735331°N 9.075442°E / 48.735331; 9.075442
School type Department of Defense Dependents Schools
Established 1979
Status Closed (Relocated/Renamed?)
Closed 2015
Grades 9-12
Color(s) Black and Gold
Mascot Panther

Alexander M. Patch American High School (also known as "Patch American High School" or "Patch High School") was an English language high school on Patch Barracks in Stuttgart, Germany operated by DODEA (formerly known as DoDDS). Opened in 1979; the students were largely military dependents whose sponsors were assigned to units of the Stuttgart Military Community, including Patch Barracks, Robinson Barracks, Panzer Kaserne, and Kelley Barracks. The school was named after Alexander McCarrell Patch, a General in the United States Army during World War II. From 1979-2006 the school operated for grades 7-12. With the 1992 closure of Stuttgart American High School in Pattonville, Patch High School became the only DODEA (DoDDS) High School in the Stuttgart area. After 2006 the school changed to 9th-12th due to projected increasing enrollment and middle schools created at nearby Panzer Kaserne and Robinson Barracks to be used by these students. Patch High School officially closed June 30, 2015. The newly built Stuttgart High School (Germany) on Panzer Kaserne will be the only DoDEA (DoDDS) high school in the Stuttgart area starting with the 2015-16 school year.


The school offered the same typical classes as schools in the United States.

Some of the offered courses were as follows

  • English (AP and Honors courses are also offered)
  • Mathematics (Algebra through AP Calculus)
  • Science (Physics, chemistry, anatomy, biology, etc.)
  • Foreign Languages (German, French, Spanish)
  • Computer Courses
  • Fine Arts (humanities, art, advanced, intermediate, and beginning band, chorus, show choir, jazz band, string ensemble, harmony express)
  • History (Government, US. History, AP World History, AP Human Geography, AP US History etc.)
  • Business
  • Army JROTC (8th Battalion)


Patch American High School had a large variety of sports including Football, Cross Country, Track, Golf, Soccer, Baseball, Wrestling and for JROTC there was Drill and Rifle. Many of the teams won Europeans including Rifle, Drill, Cross Country and Wrestling. The Rifle team was second in all of Army JROTC and was home to the second place individual marksman in all of Army JROTC.

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