Pembina Valley Region

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File:Manitoba Highway 31.jpg
Highway 31 crossing the Pembina Valley in Southern Manitoba.

The Pembina Valley is the name given to the south-central region of the province of Manitoba, Canada. It is named for its major geographical feature, the Pembina Valley, which runs through the southwestern part of the region.

The Pembina Valley had a population of 52,126 at the 2001 census. Its major service centres are the city of Winkler and the city of Morden. Other important towns include Altona, and Carman. The region comprises two of Statistics Canada's census divisions of Canada. Manitoba Census Divisions No. 3 and No. 4, which together have a land area of 9,790.98 km² (3,780.32 sq mi) and a total population of 60,656 (2011 census) are located within the region.

The major industry of the Pembina Valley is agriculture.

The region is also now home to Pembina Valley Provincial Park.

The Clay Banks buffalo jump, by Cartwright.

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