People's Liberal Democratic Party

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People's Liberal Democratic Party
Chairman Unknown
Secretary-General Unknown
Founded May 2, 2006 (2006-05-02)
Ideology Social Democracy
0 / 101

The People's Liberal Democratic Party (abbrev: PLDP; simplified Chinese: 人民自由民主党; traditional Chinese: 人民自由民主黨; Malay: Parti Liberal Demokratik Rakyat) is formed by Ooi Boon Ewe, an independent candidate in the 2001 GE. The party was approved in the midst of the 2006 GE husting and days late for nomination.


PLDP's symbol is a space shuttle.

2006 and 2011 elections[edit]

As PLDP was registered after nomination day for the 2006 general election, Ooi was not able to contest the election under the PLDP banner.

PLDP attempted to contest in the 2011 general election, with Ooi running for the Sengkang West Single Member Constituency. However, on Nomination Day, Ooi's assentor did not turn up,[1] leading to Ooi publicly appealing to the opposition's supporters to be his assentor but to be rejected by the crowd. He subsequently shed tears over again the inability to participate in elections, being in his 70s and having desired to become a Member of Parliament.

Later in 2011, Ooi resigned as PLDP's chairman to contest in the 2011 presidential election as the presidential candidate must be a non-partisan member.[2] He acknowledged that he did not qualify for the office of President as successful applicants must have held office for at least three years in the public or private sector. He then asked for a waiver from this requirement but the Presidential Elections Committee stated that they had no power to do so.[3]


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