Per4ming Live 3121

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Per4ming Live 3121
Residency show by Prince
Location Club 3121
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Associated album 3121
Start date November 10, 2006
End date April 28, 2007
Legs 1
No. of shows 40
Prince concert chronology

Per4ming Live 3121 was a residency show by American musician Prince. Prince opened a nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada called Club 3121. He played there until April 2007 when his contract with Rio ended. The supporting album for this tour is 3121.[1][2]

Set list[edit]

Setlist of November 11, 2006[3]

  1. "Spirituality"
  2. "Johnny B. Goode" (Chuck Berry cover)
  3. "Lolita"
  4. "Black Sweat"
  5. "Kiss"
  6. "Shhh"
  7. "Musicology" (includes "Tighten Up" interpolation)
  8. "Cream"
  9. "U Got the Look"
  10. "Joy in Repetition"
  11. "17 Days" (performed by Twinz)
  12. "7" (includes "Never Going Back Again" and "The Song of the Heart" interpolations)
  13. "Anotherloverholenyohead" (includes "Rock Lobster" [instrumental] coda)
  14. "If I Was Your Girlfriend"
  15. "Pink Cashmere" (includes "One Kiss at a Time" interpolation)


  1. "Fury"
  2. "Purple Rain"
  3. "Let's Go Crazy"