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Peterborough City Hospital
Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Trust
Peterborough City Hospital.jpg
Location Bretton Gate, Peterborough, Cambs., United Kingdom
Care system National Health Service
Emergency department Yes Accident & Emergency
Beds 612
Lists Hospitals in the United Kingdom

Peterborough City Hospital in the United Kingdom is the new acute general district hospital serving the city of Peterborough and north Cambridgeshire, areas of east Northamptonshire and Rutland run by Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


The 612-bed, four-storey hospital on the site of the former Edith Cavell Hospital replaces both Peterborough District Hospital (which opened in 1928 as the Memorial Hospital and was enlarged in continuous phases between 1960 and 1968) and the Edith Cavell Hospital (built 1988). Peterborough Maternity Unit, adjacent to the district hospital, closed and moved into a new dedicated women and children’s unit at the new hospital at 9am on 30 November 2010, with Accident and Emergency transferring at 2am on 3 December. The services were fully transferred from Edith Cavell Hospital and Peterborough District Hospital on 7 December, after which Peterborough City Hospital became fully functional.

Planning permission was granted by the city council in 2006 and the name Peterborough City Hospital chosen by public competition in 2008. The hospital together with the adjacent mental health unit, known as The Cavell Centre, managed by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, based at Fulbourn Hospital in Cambridge, form the Edith Cavell Healthcare Campus. The first patients were treated at the new hospital on 15 November 2010, although the official opening ceremony did not take place until 2011.[1]


Peterborough City Hospital is the largest building project in the city since the cathedral was built more than 800 years ago. It is the final piece in the jigsaw that forms the £335 million Greater Peterborough Health Investment Plan to build a modern, forward-thinking healthcare service in the city which provides the best service for patients.[2] An integrated care centre, run by Peterborough Primary Care Trust, was also built on the site of the former Fenland Wing of Peterborough District Hospital and opened on 1 July 2009.[3]

The hospital has a Cancer Centre, Cardiology Centre, a dedicated Women’s and Children’s Unit and Adult and Paediatric Emergency Centre's. Designed by architects Nightingale Associates, it is the first new-build hospital in the UK to feature innovative 'Cruciform’ wards. These 4-bedded bays create a large personal space around each bed and maximise the availability of daylight.[4] Wayfinding artwork has been incorporated throughout the hospital to assist with navigation and improve the general aesthetic of the building.[citation needed] Also, windows have been strategically located to ensure green views and other design features which enhance the patient vista.[citation needed]

The British Red Cross provides support services to help avoid admissions, or speed up discharge from the hospital.[5]

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