Piano trolley

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Removalists moving an upright piano with the trolly, and heavy straps
The trolly can be used to carry piano's over steps. Here they are moving a baby grand piano over steps.

A piano trolley is a two- or four-wheeled trolley approximately 50 to 80 cm (19 58 to 31 12 in) long used by removals companies for moving pianos. It is placed under the centre of mass of the piano and allows it to be turned on its axis to manoeuvre round a building. By placing the trolley at one end of the instrument, stairs may be negotiated. In tight spaces the piano may be turned on end and rested on the trolley.

Typical features include solid rubber tyres, very strong construction, and thick rubber bumpers along the top and on the ends.

Before a piano trolley can be used to move a grand piano, the piano must be protected by a piano shoe, a wooden frame which protects the polished surface and provides additional strength for the sides.