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The 12-year-old conductor during his visit to Finland in 1949, with Toivo Haapanen to the left and Leo Funtek to the right.

Piero Gamba, also called Pierino Gamba (born 16 September 1936), is an Italian orchestral conductor and pianist.


Gamba was born in Rome in 1936. He first came to attention as a child prodigy.

He won the Arnold Bax Memorial Medal in 1962. He was, among others, the musical director and conductor of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra from 1971 till 1980. He was the chief conductor of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in Australia from 1983 to 1986, and conducted many other Australian orchestras during this time. He was the musical director and conductor of the SODRE National Symphonic Orchestra of Uruguay from 1994 till 1995 as well as from 2001 till 2004.

Piero Gamba currently lives in New York City, pursuing his career and teaching orchestra conducting.


Piero Gamba is Honorary Conductor for Life of the following orchestras:

  • Philharmonia Antwerpen
  • Orquesta Sinfonica de Madrid
  • Orquesta Filarmonica Barcelona
  • Orquesta da Camara Barcelona
  • Orquesta A.P.O. Buenos Aires
  • Orquesta A.U.D.E.M. Montevideo
  • Asociacion Coral Porto.

Piero Gamba was one of the founders of Symphonicum Europae Foundation, an institution whose aim is to promote greater harmony of mankind through the arts.


Piero Gamba has mostly recorded with the following orchestras:

Here are a few of his currently available recordings:

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