Pipa Jing

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Pipa Jing Spirit in the shape of a pipa

Pipa Jing (Chinese: 琵琶精; Pinyin: Pípa Jīng), a yaojing changed from jade pipa, is a fictional character featured within the famed classic Chinese novel Fengshen Yanyi.

Pipa Jing is one of three renowned female spectres under the legendary Nu Wa. After Pipa Jing- as like both Daji and Splendor - was ordered by Nu Wa to bring chaos to the Shang Dynasty, Pipa Jing would not be shown until the time of chapter 16. At one point in time when Pipa Jing had returned from a visit with her friend, Daji, she happened to find Jiang Ziya with a large crowd of people around the fortune telling studio. Thus, Pipa Jing would turn herself into a very attractive young woman and approach Jiang for a fortune.

Unfortunately for Pipa Jing however, Jiang could see that she was truly an evil spectre in disguise; the palm reading still continued however. Once Jiang became more forceful and would not let go of Pipa Jing's palm, she began to scream and ask for help with the people around her. Due to this, Jiang had no choice but to smack her over the head with an ink stone -- which would kill her mortal body. Following this point, Jiang would never let go of Pipa Jing's palm so that the true spectre could not escape. Soon enough, Pipa Jing was set around a large amount of firewood and set aflame after varied jujus were set as to prevent her true self from escaping. Once everyone realized that even her hair never burned or even got caught on fire, Pipa Jing would end up being burned to death once Jiang unleashed a triple divine fire combined with shattering lightning. Five years following her death, Pipa Jing would finally be revived once again after Daji gathered the essence of both the moon and the sun.