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Randeng Daoren (Chinese: 燃灯道人; pinyin: Rándēng Dàorén; literally: "Burning Lamp Taoist") is a character featured within the famed classic Chinese novel Fengshen Yanyi. He would be renowned as the Superiorman of Mount Condor, Intuition Cave. His role originated from Dipankara Buddha of Buddhist lore, who was a past enlightened being before the time of Gautama Buddha.

Following the incident with Wenshu Guangfa Tianzun and Taiyi Zhenren, Nezha would once again see an opportunity to strike down his father, Li Jing and end his great hatred. Soon enough, Randeng Daoren would see Li Jing and immediately tell him to hide behind him less he be killed. Once Nezha appeared directly before Randeng Daoren, Randeng Daoren would say the words, "I thought this problem had been resolved in the Cloud Top Cave. It is not good for you to rekindle your revenge again."

Soon enough, Randeng Daoren would thrust Li Jing forward to fight. Because Randeng Daoren had already spat on Li Jing's back - which gave him magical powers - Li Jing was a match for Nezha at last. Nezha, who easily saw the trickery, stabbed his spear at Randeng Daoren; Randeng Daoren easily negated his spear by forming a large white lotus from his own mouth. Once Nezha attempted to attack Randeng Daoren once again, Randeng Daoren had no choice but to unleash a purple cloud from his sleeve—a purple cloud that would trap Nezha within a large burning golden tower. Following this, Randeng Daoren could effectively control Nezha. However, he decided it best to give the teach the technique to Li Jing less Nezha rebels again. Thus, Randeng Daoren takes his leave after ensuring the Zhou Dynasty into the trust of Li Jing, who is now Li, the Pagoda Bearer.

The Burning-Lamp Taoist sometimes appears as a door god in Chinese and Taoist temples, usually in partnership with Caishen.