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Polish American Football League
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2015 PLFA season
Sport American football
Founded October 2006
CEO Jędrzej Stęszewski
Inaugural season 2006 season
No. of teams 8 (Topliga)
10 (PLFA I)
21 (PLFA II)
20 (PLFA8)
17 (PLFAJ)
Country  Poland
Most recent champion(s) Seahawks Gdynia
Most titles Warsaw Eagles, The Crew Wrocław, Seahawks Gdynia (2 titles)
Founder PZFA
Official website plfa.pl

The Polish American Football League or shortly PLFA (Polish: Polska Liga Futbolu Amerykańskiego) is a structured system for the American football competitions in Poland founded in 2006 by Polish federation PZFA. In 2012 the Topliga was created as a major league with a bid (invitation) rule. Remaining teams is divided into two leagues (PLFA I and PLFA II) between which there is promotion and relegation. There are two eight-man football competitions: PLFA 8 for reserve teams and smaller clubs, and PLFA J for under-17 players.

The top four teams from the Topliga regular season enter the playoffs and the winners meet in the championship game called the SuperFinał (more commonly known as the Polish Bowl). PLFA I championship game is called the PLFA Cup Game.

In the 2013 season there were 74 teams in 5 leagues. 57 teams played 11-man football (8 teams in the Topliga, 8 teams in the PLFA I and 21 teams in the PLFA II) and other 37 teams played 8-man football competitions: 20 senior teams and 17 junior teams). TopLiga and PLFA I are divided into two divisions, PLFA II three divisions; PLFA 8 and PLFAJ five divisions for the geographical reason.


American football is arguably the fastest growing sport in Poland, appeared in Poland in 1999, when a pioneer initiative was set in Warsaw. The Polish American Football Association (Polish: Polski Związek Futbolu Amerykańskiego or shortly PZFA) was created in November 2004, initiated by the first two American football teams: Warsaw Eagles and 1. KFA Wielkopolska. Its founding, was a response to the dynamic growth of the American football movement in Poland.

The first game between Polish teams (still without professional equipment) was played in December 2005 in Poznań. The historic game, officiated by professionals, was played in March 2006 – The Warsaw Eagles took on Czech team Pardubice Stallions in a game played in Warsaw. From that moment on teams began to develop in different parts of the country.

Polish American Football League started in October 2006 with just 4 teams. There were 9 teams competing for the second championship in 2007. In 2008 the league split into two divisions - PLFA I (8 teams) and PLFA II (9 teams). There were 22 teams competing for the 2009 season and 21 for the 2010 season. 2011- 34 teams, 2012- 42 teams, 2013- 74 teams.

Season structure[edit]

Regular season in the Topliga is started in March/April and ended in June/July. Each team plays nine games against each team once (4 or 5 home games and 5 or 4 away games). A team is awarded 2-points for a win, 1-point for a tie, and 0-points for a loss (tie only if the overtime can not be played). After a regular season, the top four teams qualify for the play-offs (1st place against 4th place and 2nd against 3rd) and the Semi-Final winners meet in the championship game called SuperFinal; there is no 3rd place game.

Game rules[edit]

Main article: College football

Playing rules are based on those of the NCAA College football with minor modifications, e.g.:

Rules are adopted with a one-year delay. For example, 2011 NCAA game rule changes was adopted for 2012 PLFA season.

Before 2012 coaches, players and officials used the English-language NCAA Rulebook. In February 2012, Rulebook was translated for Polish language by Officiating Department chairman.[1]


2006 Warsaw Eagles
2007 The Crew Wrocław
2008 Warsaw Eagles Lowlanders Białystok
2009 Silesia Miners Zagłębie Steelers
2010 Devils Wrocław Bielawa Owls
2011 The Crew Wrocław Warsaw Spartans Warsaw Eagles B
Season Topliga PLFA I PLFA II PLFA 8
(under-17, 8v8)
2012 Seahawks Gdynia Warsaw Spartans Tychy Falcons Seahawks Gdynia Warsaw Eagles
2013 Giants Wrocław Husaria Szczecin Królewscy Warszawa Zagłębie Steelers Bielawa Owls
2014 Seahawks Gdynia Husaria Szczecin Silesia Rebels Warsaw Eagles C Panthers Wrocław



League Team City Joined
I Topliga Panthers Wrocław (former Giants+Devils) Wrocław 2013
Warsaw Eagles Warsaw 2006
Seahawks Gdynia Gdynia 2006
Warsaw Sharks (former Spartans+Królewscy) Warsaw 2007
Kozły Poznań Poznań 2007
Zagłębie Steelers Będzin 2008
Lowlanders Białystok Białystok 2008
Husaria Szczecin Szczecin 2008
I PLFA I N Angels Toruń Toruń 2012
Cougars Szczecin Szczecin 2012
Crusaders Warszawa Warsaw 2013
Seahawks Sopot (former Sabercats) Sopot 2012
Wilki Łódzkie Pabianice 2012
S Kraków Kings (former Knights) Kraków) 2013
Tychy Falcons Tychy 2008
Saints Częstochowa Częstochowa 2011
Silesia Rebels (former Miners) Katowice 2007
Tytani Lublin Lublin 2008
II North PLFA II N Bydgoszcz Archers Bydgoszcz 2009
Dragons Zielona Góra Zielona Góra 2010
Green Ducks Radom Radom 2014
Mustangs Płock Płock 2008
Olsztyn Lakers Olsztyn 2012
Patrioci Poznań Poznań 2013
Warsaw Dukes Warsaw 2015
Wikingowie Gdańsk Gdańsk 2015
S Bielawa Owls Bielawa 2008
Broncos Sucha Beskidzka Broncos 2011
Gliwice Lions Gliwice 2009
Outlaws Wrocław Wrocław 2013
Rybnik Thunders Rybnik 2012
Silvers Olkusz Olkusz 2012
Skoczów Pretorians Skoczów 2012
Wolverines Opole Opole 2013


Team City Years active
Czerwone Byki Poznań Poznań 2008-10
Scyzory Kielce Kielce 2009-10
Torpedy Łódź Łódź 2008-11
Radom Rocks Radom 2009
The Crew Wrocław Wrocław 2006-11
Fireballs Wielkopolska Poznań 2006-11
Warriors Ruda Śląska Ruda Śląska 2009-11

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