Pont Julien

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Pont Julien
Pont Julien.jpg
Pont Julien
Coordinates43°51′45″N 5°18′28″E / 43.86250°N 5.30778°E / 43.86250; 5.30778Coordinates: 43°51′45″N 5°18′28″E / 43.86250°N 5.30778°E / 43.86250; 5.30778
CarriesVia Domitia
LocaleNear Bonnieux, Vaucluse, France
DesignArch bridge
Total length85 m
Width5.50 m
Longest span16.3 m
No. of spans3
Clearance below9 m
Construction end3 BC

The Pont Julien (French for Julian Bridge) is a Roman stone arch bridge over the Calavon river, in the south-east of France, dating from 3 BC. The supporting columns are notable for openings to allow floodwater to pass through. It is located in the territory of the commune of Bonnieux, north of the village of the same name, and 8 km west of Apt. Originally, it was built on the Via Domitia, an important Roman road which connected Italy to the Roman territories in France. It was used for car traffic until 2005, when a replacement bridge was built to preserve it from wear and tear. It is still used as bike- and footpath. This amounts to approximately 2000 years of uninterrupted use.


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