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Ponte Sant'Angelo in Rome, Italy
Roman stone pillar bridge in Trier, Germany. The arches were added in the 14th century.
Pons Cestius, Rome, during a flood

This is a list of Roman bridges. The Romans were the world's first major bridge builders.[1] The following list constitutes an attempt to list all known surviving remains of Roman bridges.

A Roman bridge in the sense of this article includes any of these features:

  • Roman arches
  • Roman pillars
  • Roman foundations
  • Roman abutments
  • Roman roadway
  • Roman cutwaters

Also listed are bridges which feature substantially Roman material (spolia), as long as the later bridge is erected on the site of a Roman precursor. Finally, incidences where only inscriptions lay testimony to a former Roman bridge are also included.

In the following, bridges are classified either according to their material or their function. Most data not otherwise marked come from O’Connor's Roman Bridges, which lists 330 stone bridges for traffic, 34 timber bridges and 54 aqueduct bridges.[2] An even larger compilation of more than 900 Roman bridges (as of 2011) is offered by the Italian scholar Galliazzo, who is used here only selectively.[3]

Note: the table columns are sortable by clicking the header, e.g. for country of origin, etc.

Note on classification[edit]

Bridges are particularly difficult to classify as they, more than other structures, are subject to wear, on account of war and the impact of natural elements. The constant need for repairs through the ages has often turned bridges into hybrid structures, making it often difficult or nearly impossible to determine the exact date and origin of individual parts of a bridge. Thus, the majority of bridges listed below can be assumed to include medieval or (early) modern modifications, replacements or extensions, to a small or large extent.

Masonry road bridges[edit]

The following table lists road bridges made out of stone or brick. The vast majority features arches, although stone deck slabs were also known. Bridges' spans and height abbreviations: S = small, M = middle, L = large.

Image Name River Town Location Country Spans Height Comment
Aesepus Bridge around 1905/06 Aesepus Bridge Gönen Çayı
Cyzicus 3.5 mi above mouth Turkey 11 × S-M ?
Ain Diwar 1.jpg Ain Diwar Bridge formerly crossed the Tigris Ain Diwar 3.5 km NE of Ain Diwar Syria ? In ruins, one span remaining.
Albarregas.jpg Albarregas bridge Albarregas Mérida NW entrance to town Spain 1.3 m; 1.7 m; 3 × 5 m S
Alcántara Bridge Alcántara Bridge Tagus Alcántara ? Spain 13.8 m; 21.9 m; 28.8 m; 27.4 m; 21.9 m; 13.8 m L
Span no. 3 Alconétar Bridge Tagus Alconétar Now 6 km N Spain 16 × 7.3–15 m M Segmental arch bridge[4]
Alte Sauerbrücke viewed from Echternach bank Alte Sauerbrücke Sauer Echternach Eastern edge of the town Luxembourg/
? ? Roman origin unclear
Antalya roman bridge.jpg Antalya 8km east of Antalya Turkey ?
0c500df8fcb635e76abe890b7f7ff19f roman bridge.jpg Aperlae Turkey ?
Arapsu Bridge Arapsu Bridge Arapsu Olbia Antalya-Arapsuyu Turkey 1 × S S
D0f24d99ccd1a02e6817a4bdaeb14571 roman bridge.jpg Kemer 10km west of Kemer Turkey
Asi bridge ? Antakya ? Turkey 4 × 10 m S
Roman bridge of Ávila Ávila Bridge Adaja Ávila ? Spain ? M ?
Band-e Kaisar Band-e Kaisar Karun Shushtar ? Iran c. 40 × M M Easternmost Roman bridge[5]
Bridge at Afrin Bridge at Afrin Afrin Aleppo 1 km E of Cyrrhus Syria 11.5 m; 12.5 m; 12 m M
Bridge at Eski Mosul Bridge at Eski Mosul Wadi al Murr Eski Mosul 2.25 km NW of Eski Mosul Iraq c. 15 m M
4th arch south side Bridge at Limyra Alakır Çayı Limyra 7.5 km NE of Finike Turkey 27 × c. 10.65 m S Segmental arch bridge[6]
Bridge at Maameltein Maameltein Beirut 18 km NE Lebanon 12 m S
Bridge at Nimreh Wadi al-Liwa Shahba 10 km SE from Shahba Syria 6.73 m S Transversal arch[7]
Oberzeiring - Römerbrücke an der Römerstraße zwischen Ober- und Unterzeiring.jpg Bridge at Oberzeiring Blahbach Oberzeiring 20 km NW of Judenburg Austria 1 or 2 × S S
Bridge at Oinoanda Koca Çayı
(Xanthos river)
Oinoanda At foot of town hill Turkey ? ? Excavated inscription points at existence[8]
Cakall k bridge.jpg çakallık Bridge 1km south of çakallık Turkey ? ?
BaibarsBridge20.JPG Jisr Jindas Nahal Ayalon Lod 35 km NW of Jerusalem Israel ? Only the foundations are of Roman construction
Chesters bridge abutment Chesters Bridge North Tyne Chesters England 4 × S Abutment and possible stone arches[9]
Horzum, 15400 Gölhisar-Burdur, Turkey - panoramio.jpg Cibyra bridge Cibyra Turkey ?
Cinque Ponti ? Salona 7 km NE of Split Croatia 2 × S S
Cloaca di Porta San Clementino Marta Graviscae Near Tarquinia on Via Aurelia Italy, Central 1 × S S
Constantine's Bridge Adırnas Çayı
Turkey ? In ruins. Only a few piers remain on north bank.[10]
Culverts in Siliana valley ? Maktar E Tunisia 1 × S S
Roman bridge Eleusis.jpg Eleusis Bridge Eleusis Greece ?
The characteristic mid-course displacement (2005) Eurymedon Bridge Köprüçay
Aspendos c. 3 km SW Turkey 5.1 m; ?; ?; 14.95 m; 23.52 m; 14.95 m; ?; ?; ?; M
Eurymedon Bridge at Selge in 2009 Eurymedon Bridge Köprüçay
Selge c. 5 km N of Beşkonak Turkey 7 m S
Gemarrin Bridge, view from southeast in 1995 Gemarrin Bridge Wadi Zeidi Gemarrin N of Bostra Syria 3 × S S
Göksu bridge Göksu
Samsat 25 km W Turkey c. 30 m ?
Hadji Bektari bridge Shkumbi Hadji Bektari 10 km NE of Elbasan Albania 3 × S ?
Jisr Majami.jpg Jisr el Majami Jordan Gesher ? Israel, Jordan c. 15 m; c. 18 m M
Baç Bridge.jpg Baç or Justinian Bridge (Justinyen Köprüsü) Berdan River Tarsus Near Adana Turkey 3 × S S
Karamagara Bridge Arapgir Çayı Ağın ? Turkey 17 m L Possibly earliest known pointed arch bridge[11][12]
Karas bridge ? Karas 10 km N of Erzerum Turkey 4-8 × M S
Third arch Kemer Bridge Koca Çayı
(Xanthos river)
Kemer N of Kalkan Turkey 4.1 m; 4.5 m; >4.0 m S
Kharaba Bridge Wadi Zeidi Bostra 3.5 km NW of Bostra Syria 3 × 3.8 m S
Leontes Bridge, by Félix Bonfils Leontes Bridge Leontes Tyre 10 km N Lebanon 1 × M S Segmental arch bridge[4]
Elevation and plan of the Makestos Bridge Macestus Bridge Susurluk Çayı
(Roman Macestus)
Balıkesir Between Susurluk und Sultançayir Turkey 15 × 14.20 m S Segmental arch bridge[13]
Misis Bridge Misis bridge Ceyhan Adana E of Adana Turkey 9 × M S
Muro del Peccato ? Civita Castellana N of Ponte sul Treia Italy, Central ? ?
Inside view of the "tunnel" of the Roman Nysa Bridge, a tunnel-like substructure at Nysa on Meander, Caria, Asia Minor, to the west, downstream; between the arch in the front and in the back is the collapsed section Nysa Bridge Cakircak Nysa In Nysa Turkey 5.7–7 m S 2nd largest ancient bridge substructure[14]
RomanBridgeAtPhilippi Philippi ? Philippi Greece ? paving stones are part of the via Egnatia
Pons Aelius Pons Aelius Tiber Rome In Rome Italy, Rome & vicinity 6 × 18 M
Pons Aemilius Pons Aemilius Tiber Rome In Rome Italy, Rome & vicinity 6 spans, incl. 4 × 24.3 m M
Pons Agrippae Tiber Rome In Rome Italy, Rome & vicinity
Pons Auruncus ? Sessa Aurunca 1 km W Italy, Southern 21 × M S
Pons Cestius Pons Cestius Tiber Rome In Rome Italy, Rome & vicinity 3 × 13.7 m M
Pons Fabricius Pons Fabricius Tiber Rome In Rome Italy, Rome & vicinity 24.2 m; 24.5 m M
Remains of Pons Neronianus at low water in the foreground (the standing bridge is the modern Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II) Pons Neronianus Tiber Rome In Rome Italy, Rome & vicinity
Pons Minucius Tiber Otricoli 3 km S on Via Flaminia Italy, Central ? ?
Pons Mulvius Pons Mulvius Tiber Rome 5 km north Italy, Rome & vicinity 9 m; 4 × 18 m; 9 m M
Pons Probi Tiber Rome In Rome Italy, Rome & vicinity Demolished in 1484, footers removed 1874.
Pons Sangarius Sakarya
Candir Köprü 55 km SE of Eskişehir Turkey ? ?
Pons Servili ? Orakë W of Lake Ohrid Albania ? ?
Pont de Boissezon Bénovie Boissezon 1 km S of Sommières France 6 m; 8.8 m; 9.4 m; 8.8 m; 6 m S
Pont de César Velaj Mondouilloux On Via Bolena France ? ?
Pont de Chemtou Mejerda Chemtou 20 km W of Jendouba Tunisia 5 × S M
Chimtou, römische Brücke.jpg Pont de Civitas Avensis Mejerda Bou Salem
(Souk el Khemis)
11 km E Tunisia 2 × S ? In ruins.
Pont de Domqueur Pont de Domqueur ? Domqueur 16 km E of Abbeville France 2.3 m S
Pont de Duperré Oued Chelif Duperré 150 km SW of Algiers Algeria ? ?
Pont de Gastal ? Tébessa Possibly 30 km N Algeria 7.5 m S
Pont de Grich el Oued Oued el Hamar Grich el Oued (Roman Thisiduo) 6 km NE of Mejez el Bab Tunisia >3 m S
Pont de Jedeida Mejerda Jedeida E end of town Tunisia 9 × S S
Pont de Khémissa ? Khémissa 2 km E Algeria S; 5.4 m; S M
Pont des Marchands Pont des Marchands Canal de la Robine Narbonne France 1 × c. 15 S One of the few remaining bridges with shops on it.
Pont mendjez el beb.jpg Pont de Mejez el Bab Mejerda Mejez el Bab W end of town Tunisia 7 × S S
0 Montignies-Saint-Christophe - Le pont dit romain.JPG Pont de Montignies-St Christophe Hantes Montignies-St Christophe 1 km NW Belgium 13 × 1.5 m S
Pont de Pierre Pont de Pierre Buthier Aosta E of Arch of Augustus Italy, Northern 17.1 m S Segmental arch bridge[4]
Pont de Pregibert 01 09.jpg Pont de Rolampont Marne Rolampont 1-1.5 km SE France 3 × S S
Pont de Sbeitla Oued Sbeitla Sbeitla 300 m NE Tunisia 4 × M M
Pont de Tébessa ? Tébessa 2.5 km NE Algeria 4 × 3.1 m S
Pont de Tébourba Mejerda Tébourba SE of town Tunisia c. 16 × S S
Pont de Trajan.GIF Pont de Trajan Oued Béja Béja 10 km S Tunisia 5.8 m; 5.3 m; 6 m S
Pont de Treviri Oued Rhumel Constantine ? Algeria c. 3.5 m; 5.3 m; c. 3.5 m M
Pont de Sommières Pont de Sommières Vidourle Sommières In town France 2 × S; 13 × 8.5 m; 2 × S S
Pont de St Gabriel ? Tarascon ? France 3 m ?
Pont de St Thibéry Pont de St Thibéry Hérault Saint-Thibéry 1 km SE on Via Domitia France 9 × 10–12 m S Segmental arch bridge[4]
Pont de Vaison-la-Romaine Pont de Vaison-la-Romaine Ouvèze Vaison-la-Romaine In town France 17 m S
Pont d'Adpertusa Oued Chafrou Adpertusa 5 km W of Tunis Tunisia 6.3 m S
Pont d'Ain Hedja ? Agbia ? Tunisia ? ?
Pont d'Ain Younes Oued el Kebir Téboursouk 9 km SE Tunisia 1 × S S
Pont Ambroix Pont Ambroix Vidourle Ambrussum W of Gallargues-le-Montueux on Via Domitia France 5 × M ?
Ascain - pont romain.jpg Pont d’Ascain Nivella Ascain 7 km SE of Saint-Jean-de-Luz France ? ?
Le pont romain d'El Kantara, Wilaya de Biskra, Algérie.jpg Pont d’el Kantara Oued Kantara El Kantara 65 km SW of Batna Algeria 10 m M
Pont d’Ombret Semois Arel Arel-Trier road Belgium ? ?
Pont d'Oudna Oued Oudna Oudna 200 m NE Tunisia 3 × S S
Pont d'Oued Budjema Oued Budjema Annaba 1 km S, at Hippone Algeria 11 × S S
Pont d'Oued Bou-Zid Oued Bou-Zid Ksar Hellal ? Tunisia ? ?
Pont d'Oued Cherchar Oued Cherchar Bou Ficha 4 km NE Tunisia c. 16 × S S
Pont d'Oued el Ahmar Oued el Ahmar Dougga 6.5 km E Tunisia ? ?
Thuburnica.jpg Pont d'Oued el Enja Oued el Enja Thuburnica 11 km NW of Chemtou Tunisia or Algeria 10 m S
Pont d'Oued Nebana Oued Nebana Kairouan 36 km N Tunisia 5 m; 6 × 2.6 m; S (now c. 14 spans) S
Pont d'Oued Zarga Oued Zarga Oued Zarga ? Tunisia 2 × M S
Pont d'Oued Ziuna Oued Ziuna Tolemaide (Addirsiyah) ? Libya 2 × S S
Pont d'Outremécourt Mouzon Outremécourt ? France 3 m; 4.7 m; 5.8 m; 4.7 m; 3 m S
Puente del Diablo Pont del Diable Llobregat Martorell E end of town Spain c. 16 m; 37.3 m L
Pont romain des Esclapes.JPG Pont des Esclapes Le Béal Fréjus 2.5 km W on Via Julia Augusta France 3 × S S
logis des Cantonniers Fréjus on Via Julia Augusta France S
The single-arched bridge framed by two triumphal arches Pont Flavien Touloubre Saint-Chamas E of Arles on Via Julia Augusta France 12.3 m S
Pont Julien Pont Julien Calavon Apt 7 km W France 10.3 m; 16.3 m; 10.3 m S
Pont Romà Pont Romà Torrent de Sant Jordi Pollença At outskirts Spain 2 × S S One semi-circular, one segmental arch[15]
Pont Serme ? Béziers 14 km W on Via Domitia France ? S
Pont Saint-Martin Pont Saint-Martin Lys Pont-Saint-Martin In town Italy, Northern 36.65 m M Segmental arch bridge[4]
Pont sur Couesnon ? Vendelais ? France 3 m S
Pont sur la Laye Pont sur la Laye Laye Mane 1 km W France 3 m; 7 m; 12 m S Segmental arch bridge[4]
Pont sur Loire Loire Lavoûte-sur-Loire ? France ? ?
Pont sur l'Oued Djilf Oued Djilf Maktar 15 km E Tunisia 6 × 5.4 m M
Pont sur Rhone Rhône Arles ? France ? ?
Pont sur Rhone Rhône Vienne To Ste Colombe les Viennes France ? ?
Pont Vieux Hérault Le Vigan ? France ? ?
Pontaccio Nimbalto Loano On Via Julia Augusta 44° 7'54.24"N 8°15'24.26"E Italy, Northern 10 m S
Alti-gar.jpg Ponte Altinate Brenta Padua To E of town Italy, Northern 11.14 m; 12.29 m; 10.90 m S Segmental arch bridge[16]
Ponte Alto ? Terracina On Via Appia Italy, Southern 1 × S S
Ponte amato.jpg Ponte Amato Fosso Collafri Gallicano 0.4 km SW on Via Praenestina Italy, Rome & vicinity 5 m M
Ponte Antico Fosso dell'Acqua Traversa Terracina On Via Appia Italy, Southern 1 × S S
Ponte Apollosa ? Benevento About 8 km SW Italy, Southern S; M; S M
Ponte Calamone ? Narni 2.5 km N on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 3.3 m; 1.4 m; 3.3 m S
Ponte Caldaro ? Narni 5 km N on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 3.4 m; 5.5 m; 7.9 m; 5.5 m; 3.4 m S 42°34'12.88"N, 12°32'17.92"E
Ponte Catena ? Cori Outside Porta Ninfina Italy, Rome & vicinity 1 × S L
Roman bridge near Birori, Sardinia (16765300591).jpg Birori Sardinia Italy, Insular
Single barrel vaulted Roman bridge, located on the ancient route that connected Uselis with Forum Traiani, Sardinia (16566087110).jpg on the ancient route between Uselis and Forum Traiani, Sardinia Italy, Insular
Pont'Ecciu, 1st century AD Roman bridge, restored and enlarged in 1157 during the period of the Giudicati, Allai, Sardinia (16564769070).jpg Pont'Ecciu Flumineddu Allai Sardinia Italy, Insular
Ponte Corvo Bacchiglione Padua To E of town Italy, Northern 7.7 m; 8.7 m; 11 m S Segmental arch bridge[17]
Ponte Corvo ? Benevento About 5 km SW Italy, Southern 2 × S S
Catribana2.jpg Ponte da Catribana Bolelas Sintra In parish of São João das Lampas Portugal ? S
Ponte romana sobre a ribeira de Odivelas 01.png Ponte da Ribeira de Odivelas Ribeira de Odivelas Vila Ruiva 1,5 km away from Vila Ruiva Portugal ? S Several arches are buried.
Ponte de Arena ? Monza ? Italy, Northern 5.1 m S
Ponte dei Ciclopi ? Cantiano c. 3 km N on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 3.7 m S
Ponte dei Ladroni V. d. Ferrara Benevento 17 km ENE on Via Traiana Italy, Southern 3 m; 10 m; 14 m ?
Ponte degli Angeli Bacchiglione Vicenza Near Chiesa d. Angeli Italy, Northern 5 × M S
Ponte del Diavolo Fiumaretta Sta Marinella Via Aurelia Italy, Rome & vicinity 7 m S
Ponte del Diavolo Spalla Bassa Cassino 0–12 km SW Italy, Southern 5.5 m S
Ponte del Diavolo Titerno Campobasso ? Italy, Southern 1 × M S
Ponte del Diavolo ? Blera In gorge below town Italy, Central 3 × S S
Ponte del Diavolo ? Manziana W of Lago di Bracciano Italy, Central 7 m S
Ponte del Diavolo ? Massa Martana 13 km N on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 3.3 m S
Ponte del Gran Caso Gran Caso Ascoli Piceno 2 km E on Via Salaria Italy, Central 6 m M
Oristano1.jpg Ponte del Tirso Tirso Oristano Sardinia Italy, Insular Ruins ?
Ponte dell'Abbadia Ponte dell’Abbadia Fiora Vulci 8 km N of Montalto di Castro Italy, Central S; c. 25 m; S L
Ponte dell’Acqua ? Finale Ligure In Val Ponci on Via Julia Augusta Italy, Northern 1 × S S
Ponte dell’Acquoria Aniene Tivoli 1.2 km W Italy, Rome & vicinity 7 × S ?
Ponte della Regina Brembo Almenno Lecco-Bergamo Italy, Northern 8 × M M-H
Ponte della Rocca ? Blera 1 km W on Via Clodia Italy, Central 1 × S M
Ponte della Scutella Cavignano Ascoli Piceno On Via Salaria Italy, Central 10.8 m S There is a Ponte di Solestà @ 42°51'30.62"N, 13°34'18.85"E
Buonalbergo - Ponte delle chianche 10.jpg Ponte delle Chianche T. d. Buonalbergo Montecalvo 3.5 km NW on Via Traiana Italy, Southern 6 × M S
Val Ponci - Ponte delle Fate.JPG Ponte delle Fate ? Finale Ligure In Val Ponci on Via Julia Augusta Italy, Northern 5.7 m; S M
Ponte delle Voze Voze Finale Ligure In Val Ponci on Via Julia Augusta Italy, Northern 4–5 m S
Ponte detto delle Piangole Metaurus ? Pesaro region Italy, Central 4 × M M
Ponte d’Arli Tronto Arli 14 km W of Ascoli Piceno on Via Salaria Italy, Central 17 m M 42°47'53.29"N, 13°27'38.22"E
Ponte d'Augusto at Rimini Ponte d'Augusto Marecchia Rimini On Via Aemilia Italy, Central 8.7 m; 8.9 m; 10.6 m; 8.9 m; 8.0 m S
Ponte d'Augusto Ponte d'Augusto at Narni Nera Narni 0.5 km N on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 19.6 m; 32.1 m; 18 m; 16 m L Tallest Roman road bridge
Ponte di Agosta Aniene Agosta 8 km S of Arsoli Italy, Rome & vicinity 7 × S S
Ponte di Cassino Valle del Rapido Cassino About 3 km N Italy, Southern 1 × S S
Ponte di Caudino Lorenzino Caudino Near Arcevia Italy, Central 8 m S
Ponte di Cecco Ponte di Cecco Castellano Ascoli Piceno E entrance to city 42° 51′ 9.2″ N, 13° 35′ 9″ E Italy, Central 14.5 m; 7.2 m H
Ponte romano di Châtillon.jpg Ponte di Chatillon Marmore Châtillon In town Italy, Northern 15 m M
Ponte di Corso V. Emanuele ? Milan Beneath C. V. Emanuele Italy, Northern 2.6 m S
Fossombrone ponte.jpg Ponte della Concordia (Diocletian) Metaurus Fossombrone 2.5 km SW Italy, Central c. 20 m L
Ponte di Fiumicinetto Gressaga S. Dona d. Piave N Italy, Northern 3 × c. 7 m S
FossatoDiVicoPonteSanGiovanni2.jpg Ponte di Fossato di Vico Regalino Fossato di Vico c. 1.5 km E of Via Flaminia Italy, Central 1 × S S
Ponte di Gavoi ? Gavoi SW of Nuoro, Sardinia Italy, Insular 5 × S-M S Now submerged in a reservoir
Ponte di Mezzocamino ? Rome ? Italy, Rome & vicinity 1 × S S
Ponte di Nona, Small T. Marrana Rome 12 km E on Via Praenestina Italy, Rome & vicinity 6 m S
Ponte di Nona, Large T. Marrana Rome 12 km E on Via Praenestina Italy, Rome & vicinity S; 7 × 6 m; S L
Ponte di Nepi ? Nepi 42°14'28.24"N 12°20'43.26"E Italy, Central 1 × S S
Ponte di Pioraco ? Pioraco c. 25 km NE of Nocera Umbra Italy, Central 1 × S S
Ponte di Pollenza ? Pollenza 10 km SW of Macerata Italy, Central M; S S
Ponte di Porta Cappuccina Ponte di Porta Cappuccina Tronto Ascoli Piceno NW entrance to city 42°51'32.52"N, 13°34'17.06"E Italy, Central 22.2 m L
Ponte di Porta Rimini Foglia Pesaro ? Italy, Central 28.7 m; 6.3 m M
Ponte di Porta Tufilla Tronto Ascoli Piceno N entrance to city 42°51'24.95"N, 13°34'41.91"E Italy, Central 2 × M; S M
Ponte di Promontogno ? Promontogno Near Chiavenna Italy, Northern 1 × S M
Ponte di Quintodecimo Tronto Quintodecimo 24 km W of Ascoli Piceno on Via Salaria Italy, Central 17.1 m M
Ponte di Rodi ? ? Island of Rhodes Greece 2 × S S
Remains of the roman bridge at Santa Giusta on the road from Othoca to Carales, Sardinia (16566701987).jpg Ponte romano (Santa Giusta) ? Santa Giusta on the road from Othoca to Carales, Sardinia Italy, Insular
Roman bridge, restructured and restored in medieval times, Sant'Antioco, Sardinia (16153128443).jpg Pontimannu ? Sant'Antioco Sardinia Italy, Insular
Ponte di San Giovanni de Butris ? Acquasparta 1 km S on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 2 × 8.7 m S
Ponte di San Giuliano Rapido Atina In town Italy, Southern 2 × M M
Ponte di Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna Uso Rimini c. 12 km W on Via Aemilia Italy, Northern c. 4 m S
Ponte di Smirra ? Acqualagna 2.0 km S on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 3.8 m S
Ponte di Sperlonga ? Sperlonga Near the Villa of Tiberius Italy, Southern 4.7 m S
Ponte di Terra F. di Terra Rome 21 km E on Via Praenestina Italy, Rome & vicinity 4.9 m S
Ponte di Traiano Metaurus Fossombrone 5 km SW on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 4 m; 11.3 m; 11.3 m M
Ponte di Tre Ponti Pontine Marshes Terracina About 15 km NW on Via Appia Italy, Southern 2 × S S
Ponte di Vigna Capoccio Fosso di Carano Velletri 4 km SW on Via Appia Italy, Rome & vicinity 1 × S ?
SigilloVillaScircaPontePietroni2.jpg Ponte Etrusco ? Sigillo 7.5 km N on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 4 m S
MassaMartanaPonteFonnaia.JPG Ponte Fonnaia Naia Acquasparta 3 km N on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 3.4 m S
Ponte Furo Retrone Vicenza Near Campo Marzio Italy, Northern 2 × 4.6 m S
Ponte Genga Sentino Fabriano 16 km NE Italy, Central 8 m M
Ponte Grosso Burano Cantiano N on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 2 × 7 m S
Ponte Grosso a Pontericcioli Fosso della Scheggio Scheggia 6 km N on Via Flaminia Italy, Central ? × 3.4 m S
Ponte Ladricio Eisack Franzensfeste ? Italy, Northern ? ?
Benevento-Ponte Leproso.jpg
Ponte Leproso Sabato Benevento About 1 km SW 41° 7'53.15"N, 14°45'55.38"E Italy, Southern 5 × S S
Lanuvio ponte Loreto e Monte Artemisio.JPG
Ponte Loreto Lanuvium south of Lanuvium on the via Astura Italy, Central S
Ponte Lucano panorama modifié-1 Ponte Lucano Aniene Tivoli 3.5 km W on Via Tiburtina Italy, Rome & vicinity 5 × S S
Ponte Lungo ? Albenga On Via Julia Augusta Italy, Northern 10 × 6.6-8.4 m S
Ponte Mammolo Aniene Rome 8 km ENE on Via Tiburtina Italy, Rome & vicinity S; 16 m; S M
Cagli, Ponte Mallio (Via Flaminia) - Marche, Italia - 01.jpg
Ponte Mallio Bosso Cagli 0.5 km N on Via Flaminia43°33'0.79"N 12°39'1.10"E Italy, Central 11.7 m S
Ponte Marzio Serio Gorle Near Bergamo Italy, Northern 3 × M S
Ponte Molino Ponte Molino Bacchiglione Padua To NE of town Italy, Northern 7.80 m; 8.86 m; 11.47 m; 8.51 m; 7.81 m S Segmental arch bridge[18]
Ponte Nascosa ? Civitamassa c. 9 km NW of L'Aquila on Via Caecilia Italy, Central S S
Ponte Nepesino Fosso Cerreto Nepi 3 km S on Via Amerina Italy, Central 4 × S S
Ponte Nomentano Aniene Rome 6 km NE on Via Nomentana Italy, Rome & vicinity S; L; S M
Ponte Petreo ? Ravenna c. 3 km S Italy, Northern ? ?
Ponte Picchiato Miccino Orte 12 km SE on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 11.5 m S
Ponte Pietra Ponte Pietra Adige Verona NE corner of town Italy, Northern 5 × M S
Ponte Pietra Ofanto Canosa di Puglia 5 km W on Via Traiana Italy, Southern 2 spans ?
Ponte Piro ? Barbarano Romano 4 km SE of Blera on Via Clodia Italy, Central ? ?
Ponte presso Tor di Valle ? Rome 10 km SW on Via Ostiensis Italy, Rome & vicinity 1 × S S
Ponte presso Torre Pastore ? Civita Castellana 0.3 km N of P. Ritorto Italy, Central 3.1 m S
Ponte Pusterla Bacchiglione Vicenza On Via Claudia Augusta Italy, Northern 3 × M S
Quarteira Roman Bridge, Paderne Ponte da Ribeira de Quarteira Quarteira River Paderne Albufeira Portugal Bridge was re-built following the 1755 earthquake
Ponte Ritorto Fosso di Chiavello Civita Castellana 4 km E on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 5.9 m S
Roman Bridge Ponte Vella (Ponte Romana) Minho Ourense ? Spain ?
Roman Bridge, Tramatza Ponte Romano Mannu Ozieri Tramatza road from Forum Traiani to Othoca, Sardinia Italy, Insular
Ponte Romano Garafo Acquasanta Terme On Via Salaria Italy, Central 10.5 m M
Ponte Romano in Rieti Ponte Romano Velino Rieti In town, on Via Salaria Italy, Central ? S
Ponte Rotto Carapelle Foggia 15 km SE on Via Traiana Italy, Southern 10 × S-M S
Ponte Rotto Cervaro Foggia 10 km S on Via Traiana Italy, Southern 17 × S-M S
Engraving of the Ponte Salario by Giovanni Battista Piranesi from between 1754 and 1760 Ponte Salario Aniene Rome 5 km N on Via Salaria Italy, Rome & vicinity 8.5 m; 26.7 m; 8.5 m M
Ponte Sambuco Ariana creek Belmonte in Sabina 2.5 km SW, on Via Salaria Italy, Central 1 × S S
Ponte San Giorgio ? Arsoli 3 km N on Via Valeria Italy, Rome & vicinity 1 × S S
Ponte Sanguinario Tessino Spoleto Beneath Piazza Garibaldi Italy, Central S; 6.2 m; 6.8 m; S S
Ponte Sanguinaro Sanguinaro Otricoli 7 km NE on Via Flaminia Italy, Central ? ?
Ponte San Lorenzo Bacchiglione Padua To E of town Italy, Northern 12.8 m; 14.4 m; 12.5 m S Segmental arch bridge[4]
Ponte San Lorenzo ? Bullicame 1 km NE of Viterbo on Via Cassia Italy, Central 1 × S S
Ponte San Matteo Bacchiglione Padua To E of town Italy, Northern ? ?
Ponte San Nicolao ? Viterbo Via Cassia Italy, Central 1 × M S
Ponte San Vito Uso Rimini 10 km W on Via Aemilia Italy, Northern 1 × S S
Ponte Sardone ? Palestrina 0.7 km SW on Via Praenestina Italy, Rome & vicinity ? ?
Ponte Scutonico ? Arsoli 2 km S on Via Valeria Italy, Rome & vicinity 1 × S S
Ponte Sodo Valchetta Veii On N boundary Italy, Rome & vicinity ? ?
Ponte Spiano Fonturce Sigillo 6 km N on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 3.25 m S
Ponte sul Adda Adda Olginate S of Lecco Italy, Northern 4.8 m S
Ponte sul Canalat Canalat Ceggia ? Italy, Northern 8.3 m; 7.4 m; 6.8 m S
Ponte sul Lemene Lemene Concordia Sagittaria ? Italy, Northern ? S
Porto Torres2.jpg Ponte sul Mannu Mannu Porto Torres To W of town, Sardinia Italy, Insular 5.4 m; 5.4 m; 3 m; 5.3 m; 5.2 m; 12.5 m; 19.5 m M
Ponte sul Fosso della Mola Fosso della Mola Nepi 2 km E Italy, Central 1 × M S
Ponte sul Fosso Tre Ponti Fosso Tre Ponti Nepi 4 km N on Via Amerina Italy, Central 4.6 m M
Ponte sul Fratta Fratta Orte 13 km SE on Via Flaminia Italy, Central ? ?
Ponte sul Natissa Natissa Aquileia ? Italy, Northern 1 × S S 45°46'24.08"N, 13°22'11.30"E
Ponte sul Ofanto Ponte sul Ofanto Ofanto Canosa di Puglia 5 km W on Via Traiana Italy, Southern 7 × S-M S
Ponte sul Reno Reno Bologna On Via Aemilia Italy, Northern ? ?
Ponte sul Rio della Torre Rio della Torre San Lorenzo al Mare On Via Julia Augusta Italy, Northern 4 m S
Ponte sul Rubicone Rubicon Savignano On Via Aemilia Italy, Northern 3 × 6.2 m S
Ponte sul Savuto Savuto Scigliano Via Popilia (or Annia) Italy, Southern 20.5 m M
Ponte sul Tevere Tiber Sigliano ? Italy, Central ? ?
Ponte sul Treia Treia Civita Castellana 5 km NE on Via Flaminia Italy, Central ? ?
Ponte sull’Ausa Ausa Rimini Near Arch of Augustus Italy, Central S; M S
Ponte sulla Dora Dora Baltea Ivrea In town Italy, Northern L; M; S M
Ponte Taverna Burano Cagli 0.5 km S on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 4.8 m; 16.2 m ?
Ponte Tufaro ? Benevento About 10 km SW Italy, Southern 3 × S S
Benevento (BN), 2006, Il Ponte Valentino sul fiume Calore. (22602421736).jpg Ponte Valentino Calore Benevento 5 km E on Via Traiana 41° 8'45.29"N, 14°49'51.08"E Italy, Southern 15 m; 18 m; 15 m M
Ponte Vecchio ? Rapallo In town Italy, Northern 1 × M S
Ponte Voragine ? Scheggia 3 km N on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 3 m S
Roman bridge Ozieri, dating to the 2nd century AD and restored in the 3rd–4th century AD. It has six arcades for a total length of 87.50 metres (287 ft), Sardinia (16563701885).jpg Pont’Ezzu Mannu Ozieri Sardinia Italy, Insular
Roman bridge Fertilia Sardinia.jpg Fertilia Alghero Sardinia Italy, Insular
Pont Ezzu (Old Bridge), Roman bridge near Mores, Sardinia (16744259602) Pont’Ezzu Mores Sardinia Italy, Insular
Primo Ponte Fosso di Sta Maria Morgana Sta Marinella Via Aurelia Italy, Rome & vicinity 1 × S S
Secondo Ponte Fosso di Sta Maria Morgana Sta Marinella Via Aurelia, at 60.9 km Italy, Rome & vicinity 1 × S S
Primo Ponte Topino (old riverbed), since 13th century Canale dei Molini Foligno Via Augusto Bolletta Italy, Central 4 × S S
Secondo Ponte or "Ponte di Cesare" Topino (old riverbed), since 13th century Canale dei Molini Foligno Via Feliciano Scarpellini Italy, Central 7 × S S
Terzo Ponte Topino (old riverbed), since 13th century Canale dei Molini Foligno Via San Giovanni dell’Acqua Italy, Central 9 m; 9 m; 10 m; 9 m; 9 m S
Quarto Ponte Topino (old riverbed), since 13th century Canale dei Molini Foligno Via Madonna delle Grazie Italy, Central 8 m; 10 m; 8 m S
Primo Ponte ? Gualdo Tadino In vicinity Italy, Central c. 4 m M
Secondo Ponte della Val Quazzola ? Quiliano Near Ricchini Italy, Northern 6 m S
Terzo Ponte della Val Quazzola ? Quiliano 2 km beyond Secondo Ponte della Val Quazzola Italy, Northern c. 6 m S
Quarto Ponte della Val Quazzola ? Quiliano Volta locality Italy, Northern ? ?
Quinto Ponte della Val Quazzola ? Quiliano Colle sul Rio d. Scarroni Italy, Northern ? ?
Sesto Ponte della Val Quazzola ? Quiliano Rio del Gallo Italy, Northern ? ?
Primo Ponte di Val Ponci ? Finale Ligure In Val Ponci on Via Julia Augusta Italy, Northern 1 × S S
Quarto Ponte di Val Ponci ? Finale Ligure In Val Ponci on Via Julia Augusta Italy, Northern ? ?
Pontetto ? Loano On Via Julia Augusta Italy, Northern 1 × S S
Ponticello ? Benevento In town, to E Italy, Southern 1 × M M
Ponticello ? Cantiano 0.2 km N of Ponte di Ciclopi Italy, Central 1 × S S
Ponticello dell’Abbazia Candigliano Acqualagna 4 km N on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 2.1 m; 2.8 m S
Ponticello di Case Nuove ? Acqualagna N on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 1.4 m S
Ponticello di Isernia ? Isernia ? Italy, Southern 1 × M S
Ponte Pietralunga 03.jpg Ponte di Pietralunga Paternò Italy, Sicily 1 × S S
Ponticello sul Selino Selino Selinunte Near Castelvetrano Italy, Sicily 1 × S S
Puente del Bibey Ponte do Bibei Bibei A Pobra de Trives c. 8 km towards Petín Spain 6.1 m; 18.5 m; 8.8 m L
Puente de Alardos Alardos Madrigal de la Vera ? Spain 22.8 m M
Puente de Alcántara Puente de Alcántara Tagus Toledo E approach to town Spain 16 m; 28.3 m L
Puente de Alcantarilla Salado de Moran Utrera 32 km SE of Seville Spain 5.4 m; 5.7 m S
Puente de Cangas de Onís Puente de Cangas de Onís Sella Cangas de Onís ? Spain 7.7 m; 21.6 m; 9.5 m; 6.8 m; 4.3 m; 3.6 m M Three main arches pointed. Dates originally from 2nd century AD[19]
Puente de Cáparra Ambroz Plasencia 20 km N Spain 8.7 m; 9.2 m S
Puente de Carmona ? Carmona 28 km E of Seville Spain 4 m; 4 m; 5 m; 4 m; 4 m S
Roman Bridge at Chaves Roman Bridge Tâmega Chaves In town Portugal c. 13 × S S
Puente de El Garro Almonte Alconétar Now flooded Spain ? ?
Puente de Guallaminos Guallaminos Villanueva de la Vera ? Spain 18.6 m S
Puente de Guijo de la Granadilla Alagón Plasencia c. 20 km N Spain 19.1 m M
Puente de Entrambasaguas Pancrudo Luco de Jiloca ? Spain 5.4 m; 11.2 m; 5.4 m S
Jiloca Calamocha ? Spain 7.7 m S
Puente de Lumbier Irati Lumbier At Hoz de Lumbier Spain 1 × M L
Puente de Medellín Guadiana Medellín 35 km E of Mérida Spain 28 × 12 m S
Pont de Monistrol Llobregat Monistrol de Montserrat In town Spain 37 m; 27 m; 17 m; 12 m M
Puente del Paso Honroso en Hospital de Orbigo.jpg
Puente de Órbigo Rio Órbigo Órbigo In town Spain >5 × S S
Valeria roman bridge.JPG Puente de Palmero Rio Gritos Valeria Spain S
Puente de Piedra (Zaragoza) Ebro Zaragoza In town Spain ? ?
Pont de Pedra Segre Lleida In town Spain ? ?
Ponte da Pobra de Trives Xares A Pobra de Trives Near Mendoya Spain 7 m S
Puente de Segura Ponte de Segura Erges/Erjas Segura 1 km south Portugal 7 m; 7 m; 10 m; 7 m; 7 m M
Pont de Saint-Vincent Cillian Saint-Vincent 1 km east Italy, Northern 9.7 m; 3.1 m S
Pont de Santa Coloma Gran Valira Santa Coloma 3 km S of Andorra la Vella Andorra S; M S
Puente de Tres Puentes Zadorra Iruña de Oca 9 km W of Vitoria-Gasteiz Spain 13 × S S
Puente de Villa del Río Salado de Porcuna Villa del Río 10 km E of Montoro Spain 3 m; 9.1 m; 3.6 m S
Puente de Villodas Zadorra Villodas c. 12 km W of Vitoria-Gasteiz Spain 10 × S S
Puente del Jándular Jándular Andújar 5 km W Spain 7 × 5.1 m; 2-3 × S S
Puente del Vadillo Tamuja Vadillo 30 km E of Cáceres Spain 1 × M S
Puente de la Cigarrosa Sil Petín In town Spain 8 m; 10 m; 4 m; 19 m; 10 m S
Puente de la Doncella Ambroz Plasencia c. 40 km N Spain 9.3 m S
Puente Linares Limia Bande On Bande-Porquera road Spain 7.5 m; 7 m + (2 × S) S
Puente Mocho at Alcolea (Córdoba) Puente Mocha Guadalmellato Córdoba 10 km E Spain 10 × 4.5-6.6 m S
Puente Romano at Córdoba Puente Romano Guadalquivir Córdoba In town Spain 16 × 7.9–12 m S
Puente Romano at Mérida Puente Romano Guadiana Mérida S entrance to town Spain 62 × 5.6-11.6 m S
Puente Romano Tormes Salamanca In town Spain 15 × 9.4-9.7 m S
Pont Vell Fluvià Besalú 30 km NW of Girona Spain ? ?
Penkalas Bridge Kocaçay
Aezani Çavdarhisar Turkey c. 3.9 m; 5.2 m; 6.5 m; 5.2 m; c. 3.9 m S
Penkalas Bridge in 1992 Penkalas Bridge Kocaçay
Aezani Çavdarhisar Turkey 5 × S S
Roman bridge Biga Çayı
Biga Over Biga Çayı Turkey ? ?
Roman bridge ? Eğirdir ? Turkey ? ?
Sabrina bridge Karabudak Zimara ? Turkey ? ?
Sangarius Bridge, Justinyen Köprüsü-2.JPG Sangarius Bridge Sakarya
İzmit 4 km W of Adapazarı Turkey 8-12 × M S
Sauerbrücke Sauer Wasserbillig ? Luxembourg ? ?
Selinus bridge Bergama Çayı
Pergamon ? Turkey 2 × 11.4 m S
Pergamon Bridge Pergamon Bridge Bergama Çayı
Pergamon Under Temple of Serapis (Red Hall) Turkey 2 × 9 m[20] S Largest ancient bridge substructure[21]
Severan Bridge Severan Bridge Cendere Çayı Kahta 41 km E of Adıyaman Turkey 34.2 m L
Shkumbi bridge Shkumbi Topcias Near Shenjan Albania 17 × S ?
Sankt Dionysen bridge Sankt Dionysen bridge Murufer Sankt Dionysen Between Sankt Dionysen and Oberdorf Austria 1 × S S
Susegana Bridge ? Susegana In frazione Colfosco on Via Claudia Augusta Italy, Northern 5.3 m S Segmental arch bridge[22]
TAŞ KÖPRÜ-ADANA - panoramio.jpg Taşköprü Seyhan Adana ? Turkey 21 × S S
Roman Bridge at Alter do Chão Vila Formosa Bridge Seda Alter do Chão 10 km W Portugal 6 × c. 9.6 m S
Viadotta di Valle Ariccia Valle Ariccia Rome 27 km SE on Via Appia Italy, Rome & vicinity 3 × S S
Viadotta sulla Via Aurelia ? Rome Pons Cestius-Janiculum Italy, Rome & vicinity 1 × S ?
Viaduct over the Fosso di Ponte Terra Fosso di Ponte Terra San Vittorino 1 km NE Italy, Rome & vicinity 4 × M M
Voltarella ? Civita Castellana 5 km NE on Via Flaminia Italy, Central 3.1 m S
White Bridge Biga Çayı
? Road to Gallipoli Turkey S; S; 4 × M; S; S ? Plundered for material in 19th century[23]
Pira Delal, Kurdistan.jpg Zakho bridge Little Khabur Zakho In town Iraq S; L; S L
? Arapgir Çayı Korpanik 3 km E Turkey 30 m ?
? Asopus Laodicea on the Lycus ? Turkey 8.0 m; 12.3 m; 7.1 m M
? Bues Ganagobie W bank of Durance, S of Sisteron France ? ?
? Escoutay Viviers ? France ? ?
? Fosso del Giardinetto Rome 11 km E on Via Labicana Italy, Rome & vicinity 5.7 m S
? Fosso della Valchetta Castel Giubileo 0.25 km N Italy, Rome & vicinity 2 × 7 m S
? Fosso di Palidoro Palidoro Beneath farmhouse Italy, Rome & vicinity 2 × S ?
? Fosso di Vallemplice Sta Marinella Via Aurelia Italy, Rome & vicinity 1 × S S
? Fosso Malafede Ostia 9 km NE on Via Ostiensis Italy, Rome & vicinity 2 × S S
? Göksu
Silifke ? Turkey 5 × c. 17 m; 2 × 4.3 m S
Torre do Rio (1).jpg ? Guadiana Mertola ? Portugal ? ?
? Marsyas Incekemer ? Turkey 3 × M M
? Nahr er Rukkad ? W of Bostra Syria 8 spans ?
? Nile Aswan ? Egypt ? ?
? Numicus Ostia 2 km SE on Via Severiana Italy, Rome & vicinity 3 × S S
? Saboun-Souyou Aleppo 70 km N Syria 3.8 m; 8.4 m; 10 m; 9.8 m; 8.2 m; 3.8 m M
? Saboun-Souyou Aleppo Cyrrhus-Gaziantep Syria 4.2 m; 9.3 m; 4.7 m S
? Wadi Suweida Suweida N of Bostra Syria 1 span ?
? Wadi Zeidi el-Tali’a W of Bostra Syria 2 × S S
? Yeşil
Amasya ? Turkey ? ?
? ? Antakya N of Antakya Turkey 1 × S L
? ? Kireli ? Turkey ? ?
? ? Qodana W of Bostra Syria 3 spans ?
? ? Sette Vene 15 km N of Veii on Via Cassia Italy, Central 1 × S ?

Timber and stone pillar bridges[edit]

A timber bridge is a structure composed wholly out of wood, while a stone pillar bridge features a wooden superstructure resting on stone pillars. Strictly speaking, many bridges of the second type should be rather called "concrete pillar bridges", as the Romans preferably used opus caementicium for constructing their bridge piers (stone was confined in these cases to covering). Both types, timber bridges and stone respectively concrete pillar bridges, are listed here in the same category as historically, with the consolidation of Roman power in the newly conquered provinces, wooden bridges often gave way to solid pillar bridges.

Image Name River Town Country Spans Comment
Relief on Trajan's Column Apollodorus Bridge
(or Trajan's Bridge)
Danube Turnu-Severin/Kladovo Romania/
21 × >30 m Concrete pillars; longest arch bridge for over 1000 years
Caesar's Rhine Bridge, by John Soane (1814) Caesar's Rhine bridges Rhine Koblenz Germany c. 26 spans
Constantine's Bridge Danube Oescus/Corabia Bulgaria/Romania ? Concrete pillars[24]
Cornelius Fuscus's Bridge Danube Orlea Romania/
? Timber bridge[25]
Justinian's bridge Siberis Sykeon Turkey 8 × 5.4-9.6 m
London Bridge Thames London England ?
Piercebridge Piercebridge Roman Bridge Tees Piercebridge England ?
Pons Aelius Tyne Newcastle England ?
Drawing from 1881 Pons Sublicius Tiber Rome Italy ?
Pons Tirenus Garigliano Minturnae Italy ?
Römerbrücke at Trier Roman Bridge Moselle Trier Germany ? Arches added in Middle Ages
Fanciful depiction from 1608. View from north Römerbrücke Rhine Cologne Germany 20 spans
Modern inscription of the Roman bridge Römerbrücke Rhine Mainz Germany ? First built c. 30 AD[26]
? Churn Cirencester England ?
? Eden Hyssop Holme Well England ?
? Forth ? Scotland ?
? Irthing Willowford England Possible stone arches[9]
? Kelvin Summerston Scotland ?
? Loire Orléans France ?
? Loire ? France ?
? Rede Elishaw England ?
? Rede Risingham England ?
? Rhone Genf Switzerland ?
? Saône ? France ?
? Seine Paris France ?
? Tees Pounteys Bridge England ?
? Trent Cromwell England ? Probably 8th century, not Roman[27]
? Tyne Corbridge England 6-11 × S Possible stone arches[9]
? Wear Binchester England ?
? ? Hunwick Gill England ?
? Fleet London, Newgate England ?
? ? Wallasey England ?
? Nene Water Newton England ?
? Severn Wroxeter England ?
? Hart Burn Rothley England ? abutment at NZ045871
? Tyne Bywell England >=5 piers destroyed 1836
? Wansbeck near Marlish England ? stones at NZ077844
? Hart Burn Hartburn England ? post-holes at NZ088866
? South Tyne Underbank England ? abutment at NY699493

Pontoon bridges[edit]

As an alternative to ferry services, the Roman army often made use of pontoon bridges, along with timber structures, for river crossings. They usually consisted of boats lashed together, with the bows pointing towards the current. Permanent bridges of boats were also commonly set up for civilian traffic.

Character River Town Country Comment
Bridge of boats Danube Kostolac Serbia
Bridge of boats Danube Turnu-Severin Romania/
Bridge of boats Sakarya
Adapazarı, 4 km SW Turkey Replaced by stone arches of Sangarius Bridge under reign of Justinian I (r. 527-565)[28]

Aqueduct bridges[edit]

Image Destination (Town) Name Country Bridge length Aqueduct length overall Comment
Aix-en-Provence ? France ? ?
Alabanda ? Turkey ?
Alatri ? Italy ? ?
Alcanadre ? Spain ?
Alinda ? Turkey ?
Almuñécar ? Spain ?
Ansignan ? France ?
Antibes aquaduct.jpg Antibes La Bouillide France ?
Antibes La Fontveille France ?
Antioch ? Turkey ?
Anzio ? Italy ? ?
Pont d'Aël - Gesamt 1.jpg Aosta Pont d'Aël Italy ?
Barbegal aqueduct 23.jpg Arles Barbegal, Fontveille France ?
Aspendos Aquaedukt.jpg Aspendus ? Turkey ?
Athens, Hadrianic aqueduct Greece ?
Hadrianic aqueduct, Remains of water bridge in Nea Ionia, Athens (14046482411).jpg Athens, Nea Ionia Late Roman aqueduct Greece ?
Barcelona ? Spain ?
Bavay ? France ? ?
Baelo-Claudia ? Spain ? ?
Zbaydeh-Mansourieh.jpg Beirut Aqueduct of Zubaida, Mansourieh Lebanon ? 20 km
Bologna ? Italy ? ?
Bonn Bonn Aqueduct Germany ?
Bordeaux ? France ? ?
Cádiz ? Spain ? ?
Caesarea Maritima aqueduct.jpg Caesarea ? Israel ?
Zaghouan aqueduc.jpg Carthage Zaghouan Aqueduct, Carthage Tunisia ?
Acquedotto romano Valcorrente2 Catania Valcorrente Italy ? ?
Acquedotto romano di Catania (archi).JPG Catania Porrazzo (Paternò) Italy ? ?
Peña Cortada 5.JPG Chelva Peña Cortada Spain ? ?
Chemtou ? Tunisia ? ?
Cherchell ? Algeria ?
Cimiez ? France ? ?
Civitavecchia ? Italy ?
Reconstructed section near Mechernich-Vussem Cologne Eifel Aqueduct Germany 130 km Largest ancient structure north of the Alpes
Constantine ? Algeria ?
Die ? France ? ?
An aqueduct near Ephesus. Engraving by J. Mathieu after J.R. Wellcome V0020182.jpg Ephesus ? Turkey ?
Aqueduct near Ephesus - Mayer Luigi - 1810.jpg Ephesus, Sirince Turkey ?
Erythrai ? Turkey ? ?
Évreux ? France ? ?
Frejus aquaduct.jpg Fréjus ? France ?
Gadara Gadara Aqueduct Jordan 170 km Longest tunnel of antiquity (94 km)[29]
Granada ? Spain ? ?
Valens Aqueduct Istanbul Valens Aqueduct Turkey 250 km
Canal Italica.jpg Italica ? Spain ?
Kavala ? Greece ?
Khémissa ? Tunisia ?
Laodicea Aqueduct tower.jpg Laodicea ? Turkey ?
Luynes (France) Roman Aqueduct.jpg Tours Luynes France ?
Aqueduc de la Brévenne 01.jpg Lyon Brevenne France ? ?
08. Aqueduc de l'Yzeron - Réservoir double de Craponne.JPG Lyon Yzeron France ?
Aqueducchapo01.JPG Lyon Gier France ?
Lyon Mont d’Or France ? ?
Römersteine ("Roman Stones") Mainz Römersteine Germany ? ?
Marseille ? France ? ?
Mérida Cornalvo Spain ? 17 km
Acueducto de los Milagros Mérida Proserpina, Acueducto de los Milagros Spain 12 km UNESCO World Heritage Site
Acueducto de Rabo de Buey-SanLazaro2.jpg Mérida Las Tomas (Rabo de Buey) Spain ?
Metz ? France ?
Minturnae Aqueduct Minturno ? Italy ?
Ponti Rossi Napoli Naples Aqua Augusta, Serino aqueduct Italy 140 km Constr. 10AD
Susa acquedotto Susa Italy
Acquedotto-6 Vicenza Italy
Mytilene (Lesbos) Mytilene, Lesbos ? Greece ?
Musti ? Tunisia ? ?
St George Nicopolis (near Preveza) Actia Nicopolis Greece 50 km
Pont du Gard Nîmes Pont du Gard France ? UNESCO World Heritage Site
Nîmes Pont de Bornègre France ?
Orange ? France ? ?
Paris Lutetia France ? 26 km
Patras Patras ? Greece ?
Pézenas ? France ? ?
Périgueux ? France ? ?
Phaselis (16).JPG Phaselis ? Turkey ?
Poitiers ? France ? ?
Wodo.jpg Plovdiv Bulgaria 30 km
Pompeii ? Italy ? ?
Bridge arch of Pont d'Aël Pont d'Aël, Aymavilles Pont d'Aël[30] Italy, Northern 14.24 m span 6 km 66 m above bottom of valley
Ponte del Toro Terni Italy, Central 9 m
Rodez ? France ? ?
Porta Maggiore Rome Aqua Anio Novus Italy 14 km[31] 86.8 km Constr. 38-52 AD.[32] 189,520 m³ a day
Anio Vetus Rome Aqua Anio Vetus Italy ?
Aqua Alexandrina Rome Aqua Alexandrina Italy 2 km[32] 22 km Constr. 226 AD[32]
Rome Aqua Alsietina Italy
Aqua Claudia Rome Aqua Claudia Italy 14 km[31] 68.6 km Constr. 38-52 AD.[32] 184,280 m³ a day
Rome Aqua Julia Italy 10 km[33] 68.6 km Constr. 33 BC.[32] 48,240 m³ a day
Aqua Marcia Rome Aqua Marcia Italy 10 km[33] 91.4 km Constr. 144-140 BC.[32] 187,600 m³ a day
Rome Aqua Tepula Italy 9 km[33] 17.7 km Constr. 126 BC.[32] 17,800 m³ a day
Sádaba ? Spain ? ?
Saintes ? France ? ?
Salona Diocletianus Aqueduct Croatia ?
Samosata ? Turkey ?
Sebaste ? Turkey ?
Sbeitla ? Tunisia ?
Aqueduct of Segovia Segovia Aqueduct of Segovia Spain ? UNESCO World Heritage Site
Sens ? France ? ?
CanosCarmona3.JPG Seville Caños de Carmona Spain ?
Ponte Della Mola.jpg Rome Ponte Della Mola, Aqua Anio Vetus Italy ?
Ponte delle Torri Spoleto Ponte delle Torri Italy ?
Bridge Ponte San Pietro.jpg Rome Ponte San Pietro, Aqua Marcia Italy ?
Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges ? France ?
Saint-Rémy-de-Provence ? France ? ?
Naras bridge.jpg Side Naras bridge Turkey 30 km Later modified to a road bridge
Sideaq2.jpg Side Akcay bridge Turkey 30 km
Sideaq3.jpg Side Yükzekkemer bridge Turkey 30 km
Oymapinar.jpg Side Kirkgöz bridge, Oymapinar Turkey 335m 30 km
Syracuse ? Italy ? ?
Taormina ? Italy ? ?
Tarquinia ? Italy ?
Aqüeducte de les Ferreres Tarragona Francolí aqueduct Aqüeducte de les Ferreres Spain 25 km UNESCO World Heritage Site
Tarragona Gayá aqueduct Spain
Tébessa ? Tunisia ?
Termini Imerese aquaduct.jpg Termini Imerese Aquae Corneliae Italy ?
Terracina ? Italy ?
Yacimiento arqueológico de Tiermes (1 de mayo de 2006, Montejo de Tiermes) 08 Termancia (Tiermes) ? Spain ?
Toledo ? Spain ?
Turin ? Italy ? ?
Tyre Ras al-Ain Lebanon ? 6 km
Os Bañals (Uncastiello, Zinco Billas, Aragón), Pilastras d'o acueducto román.jpg Uncastillo acueducto de Los Banales Spain ?
Vaison ? France ? ?
Valencia de Alcántara ? Spain ?
Venafro ? Italy ?
Vienne ? France ? ?
Viterbo ? Italy ? ?
Ponte dell'Abbadia, Vulci, Lazio, Italy. Pic 03.jpg Vulci de:Ponte dell'Abbadia Italy ? ? Was a bridge for a Roman road as well as an aqueduct (note the calcification from water overflow)
Volubilis ? Morocco ? ?
? Ponte Funicchio Italy ?

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