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Articles for possible incorporation into Selected Biographies[edit]

Information found on an obsolete Writing portal subpage; copied and pasted here. Northamerica1000(talk) 11:48, 2 November 2011 (UTC)

Aicher (Otl Aicher) - Alberti (Leon Battista Alberti) -

Baskerville (John Baskerville) - Biro (Laslo Biró) - Bliss (Charles K. Bliss) - Bodoni (Giambattista Bodoni) - Braille (Louis Braille) -

Champollion - Chappe (Claude Chappe) - Coster (Laurens Janszoon Coster) - Cyrill

Didot (François Ambroise Didot) - Diringer (David Diringer) - Dvorak (August Dvorak)

Feuillet (Raoul Anger Feuillet) -

Frutiger (Adrian Frutiger) -

Gabelsberger (Franz Xaver Gabelsberger) - Garamond (Claude Garamond) - Gardiner (Alan Gardiner) - Gelb (Ignace J. Gelb) Goudy (Frederick William Goudy) - Gregg (John Robert Gregg) - Grotefend (Georg Friedrich Grotefend) - Gutenberg (Johannes Gutenberg) -

Hafiz Oman -

Ibn Muqlah -

Kasiski (Friedrich Kasiski) - Knorosov (Yuri Knorosov) -

Laban (Rudolph von Laban) - Landa (Diego de Landa) - León (Pedro Ponce de León) -

Manutius (Aldus Manutius) - Moon (William Moon) - Morris (William Morris) - Morse (Samuel Morse) -

Niebuhr (Carsten Niebuhr) -

Pitman (Isaac Pitman) - Premack David Premack -

Rafinesque-Schmaltz (Constantine Samuel Rafinesque) - Rawlinson (Henry Creswicke Rawlinson) -

Schmandt-Bessarat (Denise Schmandt-Besserat) - Sejong - Sequoyah - Sholes (Christopher Latham Sholes) - Sudre Jean François Sudre -

Thompson (John Eric Sidney Thompson) -

Tiro (Marcus Tullius Tiro) -

Vail (Alfred Vail) - Ventris (Michael Ventris) - Vigenère (Blaise de Vigenère) -

Wang Xizhi - Wheatstone (Sir Charles Wheatstone) - Willis (John Willis) -