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The insignia of the Grupo de Auto-Metralhadoras

The Intervention Brigade (Brigada de Intervenção or BrigInt) is a mechanized infantry brigade in service with the Portuguese Army. It was created in 2006 from the Brigada de Intervenção Ligeira (Light Intervention Brigade), which was itself the heir of the former Special Forces Brigade (Brigada de Forças Especiais).


It is organized and equipped much like a Stryker brigade of the US Army, with wheeled armored vehicles. The brigade headquarters is based in Coimbra and operational units of the brigade are: (the units are battalion sized, but retain the name regiment for historic reasons)

  • 6th Cavalry Regiment (Regimento de Cavalaria Nº 6) in Braga
  • 13th Infantry Regiment (Regimento de Infantaria Nº 13), in Vila Real
  • 14th Infantry Regiment (Regimento de Infantaria Nº 14), in Viseu
  • 19th Infantry Regiment (Regimento de Infantaria Nº 19), in Chaves
  • 4th Artillery Regiment (Regimento de Artilharia Nº 4), in Leiria
  • 1st Anti-Air Artillery Regiment (Regimento de Artilharia Anti-Aérea Nº 1) in Queluz
  • 3rd Engineer Regiment (Regimento de Engenharia Nº 3), in Espinho


The Intervention Brigade (IntBde) is being equipped with the Pandur 8X8 armoured vehicle. The Artillery Regiment is currently equipped with the M114 155 mm howitzer, although there are plans to replace these with more modern towed howitzers. The Anti-air Artillery Regiment is equipped with the MIM-72 Chaparral missile. There are plans to equip the battery with the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger system in the near future.

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