Primera División de Fútbol Profesional Clausura 2005

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Primera División de Fútbol Profesional de El Salvador
Champions C.D. FAS (16th title)
Relegated Once Lobos & Municipal Limeno
Top goalscorer El Salvador TBD (11)

The Primera División de Fútbol Profesional Clausura 2005 season (officially "Torneo Clausura 2005") started on January 29, 2005.

The season was composed of the following clubs:


Team Information[edit]

Personnel and sponsoring[edit]

Team Chairman Head Coach Kitmaker Shirt sponsor
Águila El Salvador Argentina Jorge Alberto Garcia TBD TBD
Alianza El Salvador El Salvador Juan Ramon Paredes TBD TBD
Atletico Balboa El Salvador Noel Benítez Argentina Juan Quarterone TBD TBD
FAS El Salvador Reynaldo Valle Peru Agustín Castillo TBD TBD
Firpo El Salvador TBD Uruguay Saul Rivero TBD TBD
Isidro Metapan El Salvador José Gumercindo Landaverde El Salvador Edwin Portillo TBD TBD
Municipal Limeno El Salvador Gumercindo Ventura Paraguay Nelson Brizuela Galaxia LG
Once Lobos El Salvador TBD El Salvador Ruben Guevara TBD TBD
Once Municipal El Salvador TBD Uruguay Miguel Mansilla TBD TBD
San Salvador F.C. El Salvador Marco Flores Argentina Hugo Coria TBD TBD

Managerial Changes[edit]

Before the season[edit]

Team Outgoing manager Manner of departure Date of vacancy Replaced by Date of appointment Position in table
C.D. Aguila Argentina Carlos Alberto de Toro TBD December 2004 Argentina Jorge Alberto Garcia Jan 2005
San Salvador F.C. Uruguay Saul Rivero TBD December 2004 Argentina Hugo Coria Jan 2005
Firpo Uruguay Gustavo de Simone TBD December 2004 Uruguay Saul Rivero Jan 2005
Municipal Limeno Argentina Raul Cocherai TBD December 2004 Paraguay Nelson Brizuela Jan 2005
Once Lobos El Salvador Carlos Recinos TBD December 2004 El Salvador Ruben Guevara Jan 2005
Once Municipal El Salvador Henry Rojas TBD December 2004 Uruguay Miguel Mansilla Jan 2005

During the season[edit]

Team Outgoing manager Manner of departure Date of vacancy Replaced by Date of appointment Position in table
Once Lobos El Salvador Ruben Guevara TBD March 2005 Argentina Roberto Gamarra March 2005
Atletico Balboa Argentina Juan Quarterone TBD April 2005 Colombia Henry Vanegas April 2005
Firpo Uruguay Saul Rivero TBD April 2005 El Salvador Leonel Carcamo April 2005
C.D. Aguila Argentina Jorge Alberto Garcia TBD April 2005 El Salvador Saul Molina April 2005

Clausura 2005 Standings[edit]

Place Team Played Won Draw Lost Goals
+/- Points
1. C.D. FAS 18 10 5 3 30 19 +11 35
2. C.D. Municipal Limeño 18 8 6 4 25 19 +6 30
Relegated to Segunda División de Fútbol Salvadoreño
3. C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo 18 8 5 5 29 21 +8 29
4. Alianza F.C. 18 7 7 4 25 17 +8 28
5. Once Municipal 18 8 3 7 19 24 -5 27
6. A.D. Isidro Metapán 18 6 4 8 20 25 -5 22
7. C.D. Atlético Balboa 18 5 6 7 22 21 +1 21
8. C.D. Águila 18 5 5 8 24 27 -3 20
9. San Salvador F.C. 18 5 5 8 24 32 -8 20
10. Once Lobos 18 2 6 10 22 35 -13 12
Relegated to Segunda División de Fútbol Salvadoreño

C.D. Municipal Limeño had a poor aggregate during both Clasura and Apertura and were forced to have a play-off C.D. Municipal Limeño played off against Colo-Colo losing the fixture and were eliminated to Segunda División de Fútbol Salvadoreño

Top scorers[edit]

Pos. Nat. Player Team Goals
1 Colombia Martín García Alianza F.C. 11
2 Panama Anel Canales Once Municipal 9
3 Argentina Alejandro de la Cruz Bentos C.D. FAS 9
4 Paraguay Nestor Ayala Once Lobos 8
5 El Salvador Manuel Martinez C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo 8
6 El Salvador Gabriel Garcette C.D. Municipal Limeño 7
7 El Salvador Eric Prado A.D. Isidro Metapán 7
8 Uruguay Juan Carlos Reyes C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo 7

Semifinals 1st Leg[edit]

Semifinals 2nd Leg[edit]


June 26, 2005
C.D. FAS 3–1 C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo
Gilberto Murgas (34), Víctor Mafla (95), Alejandro Bentos (100) Adonai Martínez (82)
GK TBA El Salvador Luis Manotas Castro
DF TBA El Salvador Ramón Flores
DF TBA El Salvador Rafael Tobar
DF TBA El Salvador Víctor Velásquez
DF TBA El Salvador Alfredo Pacheco
MF TBA Colombia Victor Mafla
MF TBA El Salvador Gilberto Murgas
MF TBA El Salvador Cristian Álvarez Substituted off 73' YC
MF TBA El Salvador Ernesto Góchez Substituted off 109' YC
FW TBA Argentina Alejandro Bentos
FW TBA Costa Rica Bernal Mullins Substituted off 75'
MF TBA El Salvador Jaime Gómez Substituted in 73'
FW TBA El Salvador Williams Reyes Substituted in 75'
FW TBA El Salvador Juan Carlos Moscoso Substituted in 109'
Peru Agustín Castillo
Luis Angel Firpo:
GK TBA Dominican Republic Óscar Abreu Mejía
DF TBA El Salvador Mauricio Quintanilla
DF TBA Brazil Mauro Cajú Yellow cardYellow cardRed card
DF TBA El Salvador Marcos Portillo
DF TBA El Salvador Jorge Sánchez
MF TBA El Salvador Isaac Zelaya YC
MF TBA El Salvador Guillermo Morán Substituted off 73'
MF TBA El Salvador Víctor Merino Dubón Substituted off 65'
MF TBA El Salvador Adonai Martínez
FW TBA El Salvador Manuel Black Martinez
FW TBA El Salvador José Orlando Martínez Substituted off 60'
FW TBA Uruguay Juan Carlos Reyes Substituted in 60'
MF TBA El Salvador Héctor Canjura Substituted in 65'
MF TBA Uruguay Dario Larrosa Substituted in 73'
El Salvador Leonel Cárcamo
Clasura 2005 champions
16th Title

List of foreign players in the league[edit]

This is a list of foreign players in Apertura 2005. The following players:

  1. have played at least one apetura game for the respective club.
  2. have not been capped for the El Salvador national football team on any level, independently from the birthplace

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