Princess Marie Gabriele of Luxembourg

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Not to be confused with her grand niece Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau.
Princess Marie Gabriele
Born (1925-08-02) 2 August 1925 (age 90)
Berg Castle, Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg
Spouse Karl, 7th Count of Holstein-Ledreborg
Issue Monica, 8th Countess of Holstein-Ledreborg
Countess Lydia
Countess Veronica
Countess Siliva
Countess Camilla
Countess Tatiana
Countess Antonia
Full name
Marie Gabriele Aldegunde Wilhelmine Louise
House House of Nassau-Weilburg
Father Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma
Mother Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg
Religion Catholicism

Princess Marie Gabriele of Luxembourg, Countess of Holstein-Ledreborg (given names: Marie Gabrielle Aldegunde Wilhelmine Louise; born 2 August 1925) is the second daughter and fourth of the six children of Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg and her husband Prince Felix. She is the younger sister of former Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg and thus a paternal aunt to the current Grand Duke, Jean's son Grand Duke Henri. In 1951 she married Danish Count Karl Johan Ludvig, 7th Count of Holstein-Ledreborg (2 October 1919 – 25 June 2001); the couple were married for 50 years until his death in 2001. Together, they had seven daughters.

Early Life[edit]

Marie Gabriele was born on 2 August 1925, Berg Castle, Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg[1] as the third daughter and fourth child of Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Felix, she was followed by two siblings born in 1927 and in 1929; altogether there were six siblings: Prince Jean, Hereditary Grand Duke, Princess Elisabeth, Princess Marie Adelaide, Princess Marie Gabriele, Prince Charles and Princess Alix.


She married Knud Johan Ludvig, Lensgreve Holstein til Ledreborg (Count of Ledreborg), a Danish Roman Catholic nobleman (2 October 1919 – 25 June 2001) in Berg Castle on 6 November 1951, son of Joseph 6th Lensgreve Holstein til Ledreborg, a relative of Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg and a descendant of Johan Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg, and his wife Countess Christina Hamilton, of a Danish branch of Clan Hamilton. They had seven daughters:

  • Komtesse Monica Charlotte Louise Maria Holstein til Ledreborg (b. Ledreborg, 29 July 1952), married on 13 September 2003 Henri de Dompierre de Jonquières (b. 28 May 1950), without issue
  • Komtesse Lydia Adelaide Maria Holstein til Ledreborg (b. Ledreborg, 22 February 1955), married firstly in Ledreborg on 8 August 1980 and divorced in 1999 her cousin, Prince Eric of Bourbon-Parma (b. 28 Aug 1953),[2] and had issue:
    • Princess Antonia Monica Charlotte Marie of Bourbon-Parma (b. Roskilde, 10 June 1981)
    • Princess Marie Gabrielle Yolande Camilla Philippine of Bourbon-Parma (b. Paris, 23 December 1982)
    • Princess Alexia Thérèse Sybille Erica Marie of Bourbon-Parma (b. Palm Beach, Florida, 07 March 1985)
    • Prince Michel Knud John Joseph Marie of Bourbon-Parma (b. Roskilde, 12 February 1989)
    • Prince Henri Luitpold Antoine Victor Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parma (b. Roskilde, 14 October 1991)
Married secondly on 31 January 2001 Martin Bergsøe (b. 15 December 1948), without issue.
  • Komtesse Veronica Birgitte Maria Holstein til Ledreborg (b. Ledreborg), 29 January 1956), married in Ledreborg on 18 August 1979 François Bruno de Pottère (b. Carbondale, Pennsylvania, 1 December 1949), and had issue:
  • Komtesse Silvia Charlotte Maria Holstein til Ledreborg (b. Ledreborg, 1 January 1958), heiress of Ledreborg castle, married in Ledreborg on 4 August 1979 John Munro of Foulis (paternal grandson of Lieutenant colonel Cecil Gascoigne (b. 1877, d. 1929) which makes him a member of the Gascoigne family in terms of patrilineality), (b. 21 June 1959), and had issue:
    • Tatiana Angela Maria Munro (b. Barrio Cabañas, Honduras, 18 May 1983)
    • Alexander Munro (b. Ledreborg, 24 June 1985)
    • Charlotte Tatiana Marie Munro (b. Roskilde, 27 December 1990)
    • Angela Charlotte Marie Munro (b. Roskilde, 27 August 1992)
  • Komtesse Camilla Josephine Marie Holstein til Ledreborg (Ledreborg, 26 February 1959 – 4 July 2010), married in Ledreborg on 11 January 1986 and divorced in 1995 Eric Rudolf Baron Bertouch-Lehn til Højbygaard-Lungholm (b. Nykøbing Falster, 15 November 1956), and had issue:
    • Baron Nicolas Erik Carl Poul Johan Dmitri Bertouch-Lehn til Højbygaard-Lungholm (b. Copenhagen, 14 June 1986)
    • Baron Philip Eric Alexander Knud Bertouch-Lehn til Højbygaard-Lungholm (b. Nykøbing Falster, 21 March 1989)
  • Komtesse Tatiana Alix Marie Holstein til Ledreborg (b. Ledreborg, 25 Apr 1961), married in Ledreborg on 14 August 1999 Mark von Riedemann (b. Victoria, British Columbia, 20 October 1964), and had issue:
    • Therese Silvia Maria von Riedemann (b. Königstein, 11 October 2000)
  • Komtesse Antonia Charlotte Jeanette Marie Holstein til Ledreborg (b. Ledreborg, 19 June 1962), a consecrated sister of the Emmanuel community, a new religious community of the Roman Catholic Church.
Ledreborg castle, Denmark

Titles and styles[edit]

  • 1925-1951: Her Royal Highness Princess Marie Gabriele of Luxembourg, Princess of Nassau and Bourbon-Parma
  • 1951-2001: Her Royal Highness Princess Marie Gabriele, The Countess of Holstein-Ledreborg, Princess of Luxembourg, Nassau and Bourbon-Parma
  • 2001-present: Her Royal Highness Princess Marie Gabriele, The Dowager Countess of Holstein-Ledreborg, Princess of Luxembourg, Nassau and Bourbon-Parma



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