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The Procurator General of Macau (PG) is the senior law officer of Macau. The PG replaced the Attorney General of Macau in December 1999 in the new Government of Macau. The PG reports to the Secretariat for Administration and Justice.


With the exception of the title change from Attorney General to Prosecutor-General, the other office holders are the same as before the handover in 1999. The office is similar to most legal structures in Europe and North America.

List of Procurator General of Macau
Order Name Assumed office Left office Term
1 Ho Chio Meng
20 December 1999 20 December 2004 1
20 December 2004 20 December 2009 2
20 December 2009 Incumbent
Term ends on 20 December 2014
2 Ip Son Sang
20 December 2014 Designated 4
List of Director of Public Prosecution

Public Prosecutor[edit]

Department of Public Prosecution (Ministerio Publico) is the office charged with supervising the enforcement of laws of Macau.[1]

The DPP consists of

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