Pulau Seletar

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Pulau Seletar
Pulau Seletar is located in Singapore
Pulau Seletar
Pulau Seletar
LocationStraits of Johor
Coordinates1°26′33.18″N 103°51′45.3234″E / 1.4425500°N 103.862589833°E / 1.4425500; 103.862589833Coordinates: 1°26′33.18″N 103°51′45.3234″E / 1.4425500°N 103.862589833°E / 1.4425500; 103.862589833
Area38.5 ha (95 acres)

Pulau Seletar (or Seletar Island) is an island situated in the Straits of Johor off the northern coast of Singapore.[1] Located within Singapore waters, it has an area of 38.5 hectare.[2] It lies within a bay into which several streams flow, including the waters of mainland Singapore's only hot spring.[3][4]

Pulau Seletar forms a single subzone of its own, located within the planning area of Simpang.[5]

Pulau Seletar is home to mangrove trees, the tallest of which reach a height of 80 feet.[4]


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