Cijin–Gushan ferry

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Coordinates: 22°37′08″N 120°16′12″E / 22.6189°N 120.270097°E / 22.6189; 120.270097

The Cijin–Gushan ferry connects the Cijin and Gushan Districts of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is popular with tourists visiting the attractions of Cijin Island. Despite the fact that there are numerous clearly posted signs in Chinese, English, and internationally recognisable graphic symbols, local users of the ferry routinely smoke while in transit. The specified fine for smoking is $3,000NT.

A ride on the ferry costs fifteen NTD per one-way ride. It doesn't take longer than twenty minutes to get to Cijin, an island which has seafood restaurants, traditional markets and a beach for tourists.[1][2]


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