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Family name
Pronunciation [qureːʃiː], [qureʃiː]
Meaning Member of the Quraish tribe
Region of origin Arabia
Related names Qureshi, Qurashi, Quraishy, Qureishy, Qureyshi, Qurayshi, Quraishi, Qureshy, Quraishy, Qoraishi, Qoreshi, Koraishi, Kureshi, Kureshy, Kureishi, Kourashi, Coreishi, قریشی
Clan affiliations Hashmi, Siddiqui, Farooqi, Usmani, Syed, Abbasi, Jafri, Shah, Shaikh, Kazi, Alawi[1]

Qureyshi (also known as Qureshi, Quraishi, Qurayshi, Qureshy, Quraishy, Qoraishi, Qoreshi, Koraishi, Kureshi, Kureshy, Kureishi, Coreish, Urdu: قریشی‎) is a Muslim family name, originating from the Quraysh tribe, which was the noblest tribe in Mecca around the time of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.[2] At the time of Muhammad’s birth, his grandfather Abdul-Muttalib[3] was the tribal head.


Fihr AlQuraish (bin Malik bin An-Nadr bin Qais bin Kinanah bin Khuzaimah bin Mudriqa bin Ilyas/Ayas bin Mudar bin Nazaar/Nizar bin Mu'aad bin Adnan) was a distinguished tribal chief and the first Qureshi whose descendants are called Banu Quraish. The Prophet Muhammad also mentioned Fihr AlQuraish[4] in his lineage up to Adnan.[5]

In India and Pakistan[edit]

The Meta Qureshi are a Muslim community found in the state of Gujarat in India and a province of Sindh in Pakistan. They are one of a number of communities of pastoral nomads found in the Banni region of Kutch. The community is also known as simply Qureshi.[6]

The Qassab (Urdu: قصاب‎; plural of قصائی Qasai, meaning butcher) are members of the Muslim community or biradari involved in the meat business. Many members of the Qassab community are butchers and work in abattoirs and meat shops where they process and sell the meat of poultry, seafood, cattle, goats, and sheep. They are known as Quraishi Qassab and are found in North India and Pakistan. They are also known as Chikwa, Bare Qasab, and Bakar Qasab.[7]

Notable people called Qureshi[edit]


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